May. 17th, 2018

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  1. I loathe stupid people.
  2. My eyes are bright green and more than one person has asked me if I wear colored contacts. I don't. 
  3. My hair is an unfortunate shade of very dark brown that I got out of a box.
  4. I was diagnosed OCD and clinical depression in my 20s and I've taken medication for it for two decades. 
  5. I'm 5'3 
  6. I hoard receipts. It's really difficult for me to throw them away. I keep them in a basket that I shred once a year. It takes about a week for me to force myself through that process. My husband sometimes stands with me by the shredder and pats my back. Sometimes I cry. It's the biggest issue I have with OCD so I know I've got it better than most.
  7. I was bullied mercilessly in junior high because I was more developed than other girls. The girls often called me a slut and the boys would often sexually harass me. This continued straight into my freshman year of high school until I punched a junior in the dick for grabbing my breasts in the hall. The school tried to punish me until I started to demand they call the cops so I could file sexual assault charges against their star forward on the basketball team. His father made him apologize to me while his mother tried to blame me because apparently having breasts at 15 meant I was asking for it.
  8. I think republicans are irredeemable and disgusting people.
  9. I'm child free but it wasn't my choice and no I don't want comments about adoption or anything else. Seriously.
  10. I like my dogs more than most people.
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