Feb. 22nd, 2019

On MeWe

Feb. 22nd, 2019 04:27 am
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I had to force myself to click on the Facebook link today. Beyond the whole list of crap the company has done over the last year or so (and the recent censorship bullshit), I've started to see it as a burden.

I made a FB account originally to connect with my readers at their request. I had a lot of requests -- I have a personal FB account that I log into once a quarter so it wasn't a big part of my life until fandom. And really, fandom is the only reason I find any sort of joy out of this place.

On MeWe, I haven't liked any pages for politics or news. No one is posting bullshit on my feed and none of your fucked up friends are responding to said bullshit in such a way that I want to stab people.

I barely tumbled so deleting my Tumblr was more a statement than a genuine loss. Most of my posts were either reposts or auto-posts from my various sites.

Livejournal -- I really miss what they were when I first joined fandom but we're not ever getting that back and I've come to terms with it. As much as I wish Dreamwidth was a viable replacement, it just doesn't have the participation that LJ had back in its heyday.

So, I'm settling in on MeWe and we'll see how it goes. Since it is so much less stressful, my participation on Facebook is going to decline just based on the fact that I don't set out to make myself freaking furious on a regular basis and having somewhere else to go is very fucking appealing.

That is all.

Here I am: mewe.com/i/keiramarcos

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