Date: 2017-04-12 12:32 pm (UTC)
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Apart from the nosebleed it soubdd like textbook migraine. Combined with the nosebleeds i would check blood pressure just yp be sure. Mlxt migraines don't last over 72 hrs snx combined with the nosebleeds it could be high blood pressure.
Sorry i usually try to keep from thr have you tried this cure and from medical guesses.
But migraine is something I'm specifically acquainted with having suffered for yestd with debilitating ones where i couldn't even leave thd bed due to sound light and motion sensitivity sometimes so bad thst my own movement in bed would make me so sick I'd barf.
I've finally found good medication that almost always keeps them at bay as long as I take it while i can still control my stomach.
Before that the only thing to truly help was staying in a dark quiet room in bed, possibly taling a tiny edge ofg eoth a mixture of paracetamol and caffeine or naproxen and caffeine and sleep it off with a bucket next to the bed.
Now I found a drug that actually works. You cab buy a pack of two pills over rge counter over here but as far as I know they are prescription only in the US. Still, triptane could be something to think about. There are several different versions. Naratriptane is my go to but has tge draw back of needing to identify tge incoming migraine very early as it takes two to three hours for the full effect. On tge other hand it's about the gentlest on the body and the longest lasting effect. Others work faster but not as long or have more side effects. Three hours after taking Naratriptane the symptoms will be gone and from experience I'll be fit enough to be inbtge first row at a concert with no issues
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