Date: 2017-07-26 05:01 am (UTC)
slvrbld47: John cups Rodney's face (Default)
From: [personal profile] slvrbld47
Wow, that is ... insane. Emotional manipulation at its worst. I sometimes wonder when I run into a writer that doesn't mind suggestions if I have run into one who just lives for the attention. But there are some subtle shades of grey because I have met writers who will listen to suggestions but only take ones that tickle their fancy versus the people who are so desperate for attention that they steal other peoples work and slap their name on it.

I admit to being very puzzled. When I actually managed to finish or post something I appreciate compliments but very much dread any posters asking for more.... I don't write quickly and have never developed the writing muscles for consistency (yet)... (if ever). Comments are a mixed bag and that is before considering people who aren't going to like it.... Like being an Actor, ugh, getting on stage, I don't think that is something I would do.
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