Date: 2017-07-26 12:33 pm (UTC)
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People drive me crazy. I may not always reply or review, but if I don't like it I'll wander off and find something else, not give someone crap about it. I'm just glad people write, since I struggle to do so. I've got a great outline for what I want to write, and a couple of snippets of things in the setting, but just haven't managed to actually follow through with the rest. I am thrilled that there are writers who WILL write and share, and that I can be a beneficiary. Whining seems counter-productive, if I want to keep being able to feed my reading habit.

I'm curious, as a writer, do you like/appreciate short review/replies that are just "love your writing" or "I liked this one" but without any useful indication why? Or would you consider that not worth the time posting? Is it better to leave anything or better to leave something more detailed like "I loved this one, great character development, I look forward to seeing what ___ does with ____ situation." and such?
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