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First of all, that kind of emotionel black mail is wrong on so many levels, I dont think it can be properly quanitifed* by rational people.

Unfortunately its not the first time I've seen a writer being haunted from the internet by morons. I don't know if anyone here remember Mincka83, a promising fanfiction writer that ended up deleting all of her stories (still sad that her "Tony the Seal" series isn't going to be finished). From what I picked up on the situation, it was entitled assholes like that, that harrassed her to the point where she lost all joy in writing. They stalked her all over the internet from site to site.

It pisses me off. Not just on her behalf. But also all the new authors who runs into these jerkoffs and decides that what could be a fun venture simply isn't worth the effort.

*Thats how my autocorrect insisted it was spelled, but it still looks wrong to me?
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