Date: 2017-07-29 03:38 am (UTC)
irish_dragon: (Boundaries)
From: [personal profile] irish_dragon
I don't really leave comments often, but I really enjoy your work. AND OMG REALLY?! From my understanding challenges are challenges and fic is usually sequestered for the challenge for the duration of the challenge, and you will not see it anywhere else till such time the author deems it fit for public consumption. I am so sad that an author left because some one was a dick! I was really enjoying the story, and then I couldn't understand when it vanished. So Yes, now I know.

I can honestly say I didn't start reading Hermione and Harry Fanfic till I started reading your fiction. I really enjoy your work and JillyJames, and a lot of authors you are networked with. I love your writing style, I love the work you put into to it to make it work. I love your creative genius. I love most all of your fiction, I say most because I usually just read the long ones. So I like the fact that you have this iron fist on your site. It's your right, just as it is any other other's right, your site, your rules, if you don't like it leave, or if you're rude be banished. I actually like that. Sometimes people just don't understand boundaries even when it hits them in the face.
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