Date: 2017-08-25 02:37 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] scaley4
Wow...just wow.
Almost twenty years ago, I was very ill with low energy for over a year. During that time beyond basic necessities, about all I had the energy for was reading. One particular fanfic author's work was very engaging for me at the time. As I recovered, I wrote her to tell her how much her stories touched me at a low point in my life and that I appreciated that she shared them with the public. Basically, I wrote her a thank you letter for the positive impact she had unknowingly had on my life. And that was where I left it, because while it was important to me to thank her, it was not my place to push my emotional connection to the works onto the author. I can't imagine taking that gratitude she engendered in me and turning it into some sort of entitlement to her time and energy.
Sometimes people are exactly what years in the customer service industry have led me to expect. Or worse.
Every so often, I see posts from you in this vein and I am astonished by the sheer obliviousness some people have about where their limits should be.
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