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I agree so hard. In my opinion, most sex scenes are uncomfortable and weird, but that's because of who I am as a person, and not any fault in the author's part. I read fic for the plot and the relationships. I love Ties that Bind, but I was never in it for the sex scenes. I absolutely adore the way you write the characters and how they interact. The care and emotions are what hooks me, not any sexy domination scenario.

Usually the things someone recalls from a fic are the details that stand out the most. I can tell you about that one fic with the jealous girl who stole a fancy dildo from a main character, or a fic with the son unknowingly conceived with an Ancient woman who then went back in time. I can't tell you about a single sex scene from any fic I've ever read, and I don't really understand anyone who can. It's probably all in the wiring.
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