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 It would be super disingenuous to say I don't have anything to share on EAD because yall know all about my WIP folder cause I humble brag complain about my meandering path through WIPs all the damn time. In the end, it becomes a matter of choice as I read through my various projects to see what I'm ready to expose because it is an exposure of sorts for authors to show you their rough work. Many of us are used to doing it on Rough Trade but EAD is a far more permanent sort of thing for me as I leave excerpts up until I'm ready to post a complete project on my main site.

I'm currently toying with a Harry Potter/Hobbit crossover which greatly amuses me. Though I'm considering restructuring it into episodes because it's already over 100k and there's no sign of stopping. What possessed me to merge 2 wordy fandoms together? I don't know. I'll probably make a lot of LOTR fans foam at the mouth what with my utter lack of respect for canon, timelines, and geography. 

Another Harry Potter fic I have on the brain in the plotting stages is a different sort of magical guardian fic and it might end up being my April project. Who knows.

I'm toying with the next part of Hold My Coffee, meandering through my plot document for the next part in Ties That Bind, and I've got an original story for Declan Frost and Sean Taylor in the early "cloud plot" stages. I'm having to do some world building but it'll be a paranormal romance though it won't be set in the same 'verse as my first original project, Fall For You. But speaking of Law of the Pack, I do have original novellas in the works for Jared Cameron and Lawrence Harper but I don't have enough of either to currently share in any sort of way that would make sense. 

Regardless, I'm currently trawling my WIP folder looking for stuff to share on EAD.


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