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I got an "anonymous" comment form on my site berating me for complaining about the plagiarism on the story on AO3 (that finally got removed).

Apparently, I'm a selfish bitch for filing a complaint and ruining a story they'd been reading.

Yep, I sure am. Maybe if that word thief spent more time writing her own work instead of stealing mine you'd still have something to read you self-absorbed twat.

Fun fact, my comment form records IP addresses and I just banned yours from reading on my site (after I deleted the account you created a few years ago).

I'm sure you won't miss reading on my site, hell you only logged in once a week for the last three years.

I certainly won't miss you.


Date: 2019-01-23 07:13 pm (UTC)
winter_elf: SGA Mckay/Sheppard "With You" (McShep-With You)
From: [personal profile] winter_elf
*facepalm* Which means they knew you were being plagiarized and didn't care! What a jerk! Glad you could figure out 'who' and ban their stupid ass.
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