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2019-01-22 05:36 pm

Oh, Go Fuck Yourself

I got an "anonymous" comment form on my site berating me for complaining about the plagiarism on the story on AO3 (that finally got removed).

Apparently, I'm a selfish bitch for filing a complaint and ruining a story they'd been reading.

Yep, I sure am. Maybe if that word thief spent more time writing her own work instead of stealing mine you'd still have something to read you self-absorbed twat.

Fun fact, my comment form records IP addresses and I just banned yours from reading on my site (after I deleted the account you created a few years ago).

I'm sure you won't miss reading on my site, hell you only logged in once a week for the last three years.

I certainly won't miss you.


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2019-01-12 02:50 pm

Plagiarist - Familiar Anonymous - Update

Ao3 removed the fic and sent me the following message:

After investigating your complaint, the AO3 Policy & Abuse committee has determined that the work “The Boy Who Has Fire” by Familiar_Anonymous did in fact contain material plagiarized from your work “Birth of the Serpent King”. This is a violation of our Terms of Service, section IV.E., and accordingly, the offending material has been removed. However, we have also determined that there was insufficient evidence of plagiarism of the other works included in your complaint.


I checked the link and the story is no longer on a03. I'm relieved but also still irritated by the plagiarism and the four month wait on a response.

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2018-12-29 11:47 am

Plagiarism and AO3

 I reported a person plagiarizing my work (and the work of several others) in October. When asked for evidence, I provided it. The work is still up and I've heard nothing else from Ao3. I guess they really don't give a fuck about their own TOS.

Anyone else have this problem?
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2018-12-28 08:39 pm

Darkly Loyal

Title: Darkly Loyal
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: Harry Potter
Relationship: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy
Content Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Time Travel, Fantasy, Menage, Fix It
Word Count: 181,154
Body Count: 73
Warnings: Character Bashing, No Beta, Violence, Explicit Sex, Dark Themes, Temporary Main Character Death, the death of a pregnant character, homicide, and permanent character deaths.


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2018-12-23 11:22 pm

Fandom & Junk: The Big Question - Episode 1

To beta or not to beta....
We talked about the value of the alpha/beta reader process AND the time that it takes.

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2018-12-22 07:41 pm

Author Confession

My name is Keira and I'm fed up with the beta process.

Don't get me wrong, I totally love my betas. They're great. I just hate the process itself.  

I have to ask myself, who in fandom decided that beta was a thing? Who thought -- oh, I'm getting free stuff to read but this author really should do a bunch of extra work to make sure my free entertainment doesn't have any typos!

I'm currently in beta for my QB fic. I mean, like I'm on part 2 of 6 in that process. I just finished Darkly Loyal and it's twice the length of my QB. If I actually put that in beta -- it wouldn't be ready to post until probably April. Fuck that noise.


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2018-12-08 11:24 pm

Happy Freaking Saturday

Had a headache most of the day. I took a nap (with some medication) and I feel better but not enough to actually do a podcast which sucks because Saturday shows are usually very fun. Maybe we'll do a writer's table tomorrow or something. We'll want to start discussing April's RT challenge eventually. I'm not sure what I'll do with that. It's a sequel challenge and I certainly have no shortage of completed works that I could write a sequel to but there is a word count limit in April which would be challenging.

I'm leaning toward a sequel to Iterum but I've not had great luck with Stargate and Rough Trade at the same time lately. All of my HP fics would probably require a rather long sequel and that buts up against the challenge word limit. I'm all eh. I read through all of my Hobbit works in progress this week. I'm still especially fond of Small Magic. I'd be done if could make myself write a big ass battle but me and action aren't good friends. Sigh.
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2018-12-08 06:49 pm

Fandom & Junk: The Good Fan


Last night, Jilly James and I rambled about fandom and personal responsibility in our communities. We also talked about my on going issue with plagiarism. Sigh.

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2018-12-07 05:26 pm

Ello & Junk

I settled at Ello for my Tumblr replacement. I like the interface and the conversation potential at least. Still figuring out how it works but I like the artist/creator vibe from the outset.

Here's me:  (My site is marked NSFW so you'll have to create an account AND agree to see such content in your profile settings before you can see my blog -- this is their rule not mine. I can't control it no more than I can control my foul mouth.)

I've finished the second draft of my QB and I've started three different plots for next year. We'll see how it goes. I'm already considering a sequel to my QB and I'm wondering if it'll be a fit for next year's November RT (canon divergence theme). 

Anyways, that's all from me.

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2018-12-04 09:37 pm

Fandom & Junk: Censorship & Community Repercussions


I thought I'd start blogging about my podcasts. I mean I'm kind of hard-pressed at the moment to figure out what kind of content I want to put on my Dreamwidth but I've had this thing for a while and I did make it pretty today so we'll see how this goes.

[personal profile] jillyjames  and I talked about fandom, censorship, and then we meandered into our favorite soapbox topic which is: Point of View. 

I also talked about the publication process and my personal experiences regarding the submissions process. I hope you enjoy the show and discussion is welcome on this post if you have something you'd like to say!


PS- I've put in a support request regarding embedding podcasts in my journal entries. So hopefully next time you'll see a player instead of just a link
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2018-05-17 08:11 pm

10 Things About Me

  1. I loathe stupid people.
  2. My eyes are bright green and more than one person has asked me if I wear colored contacts. I don't. 
  3. My hair is an unfortunate shade of very dark brown that I got out of a box.
  4. I was diagnosed OCD and clinical depression in my 20s and I've taken medication for it for two decades. 
  5. I'm 5'3 
  6. I hoard receipts. It's really difficult for me to throw them away. I keep them in a basket that I shred once a year. It takes about a week for me to force myself through that process. My husband sometimes stands with me by the shredder and pats my back. Sometimes I cry. It's the biggest issue I have with OCD so I know I've got it better than most.
  7. I was bullied mercilessly in junior high because I was more developed than other girls. The girls often called me a slut and the boys would often sexually harass me. This continued straight into my freshman year of high school until I punched a junior in the dick for grabbing my breasts in the hall. The school tried to punish me until I started to demand they call the cops so I could file sexual assault charges against their star forward on the basketball team. His father made him apologize to me while his mother tried to blame me because apparently having breasts at 15 meant I was asking for it.
  8. I think republicans are irredeemable and disgusting people.
  9. I'm child free but it wasn't my choice and no I don't want comments about adoption or anything else. Seriously.
  10. I like my dogs more than most people.
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2018-02-06 06:03 pm

As Evil Author Day Approaches

 It would be super disingenuous to say I don't have anything to share on EAD because yall know all about my WIP folder cause I humble brag complain about my meandering path through WIPs all the damn time. In the end, it becomes a matter of choice as I read through my various projects to see what I'm ready to expose because it is an exposure of sorts for authors to show you their rough work. Many of us are used to doing it on Rough Trade but EAD is a far more permanent sort of thing for me as I leave excerpts up until I'm ready to post a complete project on my main site.

I'm currently toying with a Harry Potter/Hobbit crossover which greatly amuses me. Though I'm considering restructuring it into episodes because it's already over 100k and there's no sign of stopping. What possessed me to merge 2 wordy fandoms together? I don't know. I'll probably make a lot of LOTR fans foam at the mouth what with my utter lack of respect for canon, timelines, and geography. 

Another Harry Potter fic I have on the brain in the plotting stages is a different sort of magical guardian fic and it might end up being my April project. Who knows.

I'm toying with the next part of Hold My Coffee, meandering through my plot document for the next part in Ties That Bind, and I've got an original story for Declan Frost and Sean Taylor in the early "cloud plot" stages. I'm having to do some world building but it'll be a paranormal romance though it won't be set in the same 'verse as my first original project, Fall For You. But speaking of Law of the Pack, I do have original novellas in the works for Jared Cameron and Lawrence Harper but I don't have enough of either to currently share in any sort of way that would make sense. 

Regardless, I'm currently trawling my WIP folder looking for stuff to share on EAD.


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2018-02-01 11:06 pm


I asked myself, how many times can I bitch and complain about reader entitlement before I start to bore myself? 

On a for real note, donating to Rough Trade or to the Wild Hare Project doesn't equal any sort of ownership on your part. I appreciate the much needed donations as it keeps everything running but that doesn't mean you're entitled to a fucking thing in regards to the works produced there.

For fuck's sake.



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2018-01-09 08:16 am

The Legacy by Keira Marcos

Title: The Legacy
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairings: James Potter/Lily Potter, Sirius Black/OFC, Frank Longbottom/Alice Longbottom
Rating: R (violence, language, adult themes)
Jilly James & Ladyholder
Word Count: 61,067
Author's Note: Please be aware that the casting section might contain what you would consider spoilers as there is a non-canon character that makes a surprise appearance in the first five chapters of the story. I'd recommend waiting until you're ready to read the sixth chapter before checking out the casting page if you want to be spoiler free.

Summary: James Potter took his family into hiding abroad when the prophecy was revealed. Hidden for nearly seven years, the Potters come home when it's announced that Tom Riddle has been captured. Their return brings changes to magical Britain that no one is prepared for.


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2017-08-26 11:06 pm

Fetishizing Actors in Fandom

I could spend a whole year talking about the fetishizing of men in fandom because it is wide spread and it leads to some truly ugly behavior on the parts of fans. It breeds contempt for show creators and sometimes obsessions with actors that can and have gotten dangerously out of hand. Actors sometimes get melded with the characters they play in a fan’s mind, and that can lead to the fan believing they know them in very intimate ways when it simply isn’t true.

One of the most distressing things I see in fandom is the objectification of the real people who play the characters we love. I can’t really do anything about the problem but I notice it, and it’s often utterly appalling. I want to just lose my shit sometimes and point out—hey, that’s a fucking human being you’re talking about there. He’s not some puppet you can play around with like a goddamned toy.

You probably think it doesn’t matter what you think in your head or what you put on Tumblr regarding an actor or actress. You think it’s perfectly okay to write a fic about Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett cheating on their wives/girlfriends/families because you’re just writing fiction. It’s not hurting anything. Except they both have children and one day one of those kids might stumble across your fucked up little short story about their dad cheating on their mom, and of course, because you’re an asshole you’ve made sure to insult and degrade their mother as much as possible to justify the cheating. I’m sure that’s going to be a fun conversation for everyone involved.

Explicit sex in fan fiction plays a role in objectification, and I acknowledge this. I’ve always known that there is a subset of people who only read my work for the sex. They make it clear in their comments and in specifically in the parts of my stories they remember. I once saw a “find a fic” request on an LJ community that outlined five sex scenes and not a single plot point. All they remembered was the sex. It wasn’t my story they were looking for, but more than one person suggested that I might be the author of this missing fic. I’m glad I wasn’t. I felt let down and terrible for the author it was though because one person after another on that thread would comment about having read the fic. Not a single one of them mentioned a plot point or a bit of characterization that wasn’t sex.

I knew the story they were looking for—it was a beautiful piece of work with excellent characterization and an engrossing plot that was utterly breathtaking. I never commented on that thread with the answer because I wanted no part of the conversation. I think it took six or seven weeks for someone to provide a link. I don’t want to discuss the title or author here because it’s not fair to her or her work. That thread on that fic finders community wasn’t fair to her work either. But it did highlight something I’d noticed about a few readers on my site. The sex stood out for them. Specifically, the gay sex stood out for them, and nothing else was really important.

Early on, I had to figure out where my hard line was regarding objectification in my fandom work. I decided that I would write about characters, not actors. I don’t read or write “real person fiction” as a result. For example, John Sheppard is a character—a fictional person who exists in the Stargate fandom that I know well. Joe Flanigan is a real person—he has a family and a personal life that is none of my business. I don’t know him at all, and honestly, I have no interest in knowing him. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but I’m not here for Joe Flanigan. I’m in the Stargate fandom for John Sheppard.




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2017-08-09 06:47 pm

Site Update

I needed to move my site to a new hosting package which also required that I move my domain.

So, my site is down currently but it will be back up when the domain "resolves'. Shouldn't take more than hour or so.

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2017-07-24 11:13 pm

The Ugly Underbelly of Fandom

There is a certain kind of writer who attaches no value to their own work on an emotional level. They write for attention. It’s the same kind of “writer” who dreams of writing a book so they’d be rich and famous. This is also the kind of “writer” who wants to write a book about their life because apparently, we ALL want to read about it and just don’t know it. This attention-seeking writer actually taints the fandom, and readers, with their pathological need for attention. They encourage readers to offer them suggestions for future plot developments, character arcs, and even pairings. Then when they write themselves into a hole because of they actually listened to all the crap they get back—they blame their “muse” for not being inspired to complete the story.

Of course, the worse part of an attention-seeking writer are the readers they leave in their wake who feel entitled to intrude on the process of other writers because they felt validated by a previous experience. They are utterly comfortable providing a list of wishes and wants to other writers in their feedback. If they want a certain pairing in a story—they demand it and will abuse a writer if they don’t get it.

I’ve said before that reader entitlement is the ugliest part of fandom. I’ve been threatened with rape and murder for not updating when a reader felt I should. There have been times when readers have essentially had screaming fits on my contact form or in an email because I didn’t write the pairing they wanted or I chose a Stargate project over a Harry Potter one for Rough Trade.

Some readers take my decisions regarding my own writing as a personal insult and have no problems letting me know that I’m ruining their life by not writing what they want me to write.

Recently, I had a reader send me a single sentence email, and it was:

“I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, I hope you finish Phoenix before I die.”

At first, I was outraged, but I wasn’t particularly surprised since I’ve seen this kind of emotional blackmail in fandom before. I deleted the email without a response, and I put the sender on a filter in my email that automatically trashes any email she sends me in the future. Because I want no part of her bullshit but I do wonder how many other writers she’s approached with this disgusting tactic.

Those who only read in fandom don’t genuinely understand the creative process. They don’t understand the intimacy of writing or the emotional risk of posting it in public. They never will understand, really, and investing yourself in trying to make them is just intellectual masochism.
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2017-04-13 08:34 pm
Entry tags:

Cult Personality

My husband is an introvert and keeps to himself even with family. I didn't realize this about him, honestly, until we'd been together a while. The fact is that he focused on me and I liked it. I've never had to worry about his attention wandering away from me in practically any situation because I'm his person--his touch stone so to speak.

He counts on me to strike up conversations, carry the small talk, and make people feel like they're getting to know him even when they're not. He's the kind of person who'd rather not shake hands but will because he knows it's polite but he honestly doesn't tolerate other people touching him all that well at all.

Except for me.

His sister pointed out to me about a year after I started dating him that she hadn't been invited to hug him since she was in high school. Eventually, she realized he just wasn't comfortable with that level of contact even with family and stopped as she said "inflicting her desire for physical affection on him". I was kind of floored actually because he hugs me (and has since the start) ten to fifteen times a freaking day. 

Honestly, he's all up in my space all the damn time.

I'm his person, his safe place, and his comfort all rolled up into one.

I'm an extrovert, you might have noticed, and will talk to strangers just as happily as I will to a person I've known for 20 years if I'm in the mood for conversation. I went to the grocery store the other day and had five conversations with complete strangers about everything from produce to the best organic milk. 

As we were leaving the parking lot my husband said, "It must be exhausting being you. It's no wonder you have the following you do online--it's like you have a cult personality or something."

And I responded, "Well I do run a cock worship cult actually so I can't even get mad."

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2017-04-10 10:05 pm
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I Would Cheerfully Murder Someone...

in exchange for the disappearance of my headache. Normally, a migraine has a specific pattern to me so I want to say that I'm not experiencing one but I'm sensitive to light, sounds, and smells. I've had two nose bleeds today AND I feel like I could throw up at any moment. You're probably thinking, TMI, but dudes, I've said much worse on my journal and in my podcast. If you can listen to me talk about anal sex on my podcast, you can read about my fucking terrible headache from hell.

Regardless, I'm all whiny and shit because I can't listen to music on my headphones which is super important because it's a huge part of my writing process so I'm not writing. I've only got about 30k more plotted for my RT story and I've already posted 10k so I'll meet my goal for the month (surely) but it's annoying to be limited by a physical situation versus say a mental one where I'm just not in the mood to write.

So, I've been sitting here playing a stupid Facebook game and I read some intolerant bullshit today that made me pissy I had to take time out in the shower. Well, I didn't have to take a shower during my computer time out but it seemed like a good use of that time.

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2017-04-06 10:16 pm

Cluster Headaches & Live Journal

 I've been suffering from migraines most of my life (since puberty in fact) but this whole cluster headache thing is a new one for me. I had a shot today at the doctor's office so this marks the first time in basically weeks when my head hasn't hurt.

To check things out, I'm getting an MRI tomorrow though the doctor doesn't expect to find anything. It's just she doesn't currently have a picture of my brain. I told her, that the last time I saw something stupid on the internet that I got a brief look at my brain and it looked normal. ;-)

Anyways, I'm going to try to journal more to sort of make my whole move from LJ to Dreamwidth worth it....that implies I had to work. I didn't. That shit went smooth as silk still I haven't checked for duplicate entries yet and honestly I don't care if there are duplicate entries. More and more the whole thing with LJ and Russia bothers me so I hope people are paying attention to what's being said and they aren't sticking their heads in the sand over the whole thing.

For reference:

On April 4, 2017, LiveJournal significantly modified its terms of use, making the service subject to the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation. The new terms prohibit users from posting "advertising and/or political solicitation materials", or performing any actions that are "contradictory to the laws of the Russian Federation". The terms also state that users are subject to Article 10.2 of the Federal Act of the Russian Federation No. 149 (laws which have been described as "draconian" and restricting free expression),[106][107] which dictates that blogs with more than 3000 daily visitors are classified as media outlets and may not be published anonymously, are responsible for the dissemination of unverified information, and are restricted from posting pornography, obscene language, or "extremist materials".[107][108][106] 

Additionally, the English-language terms of service are no longer considered legally-binding. The new terms prompted wide concern from users who believed that their content would now be targeted under Russian censorship policies, including the country's "gay propaganda" law.[109][61] 


If you value all the work you've put into your journal over the years, you'll move your shit before you're subject to this bullshit.