Apr. 12th, 2012 04:05 pm
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I got this weird email today that rambled on for sixteen paragraphs (I counted) about basically how I was an "elitist twat" because I put the excerpts I keep on my LJ to "friends" only. I want to be upset about the email -- angry, mad, hurt, whatever. I want that but all I am is slightly perplexed and mildly amused.
Content below this cut might piss you off. Just so you know. )

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Really, no bullshit. Yesterday I went through my friend list and defriended anyone that wasn't friends with me (99.9% accurate).

I defriended someone who took it very personally and she sent me an email (a long one) because I hurt her feelings. THAT WAS NOT MY INTENTION.

Seriously, you've been commenting on my for YEARS but you don't use the same name on LJ that you use on my site and I didn't recognize you until you emailed.

I tried to email you back but I kind of figured you might not be the only one I upset with my cleaning up yesterday.

The fact is that my "friends" list has never been something that I monitored or even received notifications for. I never knew when someone added me as their friend OR when someone stopped being my friend. Periodically I'd go through and check off boxes to add people to my friend list because they'd added me. I've turned on notifications so I'll know in the future when someone friends me so I can check them out and stuff.

I took a few posts private recently because I was asked to. I did it because I respect the person who requested it of me. That wasn't personal either. There is exactly ONE person on my ban list on LJ and that's because he/she left a racist comment on my LJ when I used to post Keller/Dex. If you want on my friends list all you have to do is friend me. If your LJ is empty because you only really use it to comment on to other people's stuff-- you need to IM me as well.

Pretty simple ;-)
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You know something? I like to bitch for the sake of bitching. It's that simple. It amuses me, relaxes me, and often entertains the hell out of me. It's that SIMPLE. Do I look for things to bitch about? Absolutely, I consider bitching a hobby. It doesn't make me a bad person or an IDIOT. It probably does make me appear mean-spirited but at least I'm honest about it.

In the past I pretty much friended anyone that friended me first but mostly I use LJ to "watch" Journals of writers I enjoy and communities like McSheplets, etc. It really didn't matter since I didn't read my friend's list anyways. I've done some spring cleaning on that front so if you want to friend me-- you should PM me first.

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