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It's nearly October  which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Get your boobs checked, ladies and gentlemen if you have any concerns what so ever no matter how you old are! If you are over 30 your ass better have or will see a doctor soon about a conversation and/or mammogram depending on your needs! I mean it, people.

Ways that breast cancer has changed my family:

1. I have three aunts who have had double mastectomies. 
2. I have a cousin who died at 36.
3. I had my own scare with the big C in my 20s with devastating but survivable results. Don't let a doctor tell you are TOO YOUNG if you have a concern about your breasts.

I found out a week ago that my dad has been recycling for Breast Cancer since he was told about the lump in my breast. He sends out two or three shipments a week because he solicits his friends and neighbors for their recycling, too.
Find out more here:

Check out this video on Breast Cancer:  (there are 2 parts - watch both!)

It's okay to be scared but it is absolutely not okay to be so scared that you allow yourself to be uneducated on your body and your health. Be informed, get checked, and celebrate many, many more birthdays.

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