Nov. 18th, 2015 07:41 am
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I considered doing a whiny-ass NANO DIARY PODCAST every single day this month but I thought I might drive my listeners away with my incessant complaining about how I feel like I'm trapped in a box of my own damned making. What made me think it was a good idea to do a single pov challenge during a 50k challenge? (Don't answer that)

I've reached 40k already so I'll make the national goal but I know I'm going to fall short of my personal goal of a 100k for the month. I'm just all blah and blah and blah some more (you can just imagine how that whole nano diary podcast thing would've gone, right?).

You can read my WIP (very rough draft project) here as long as you're not an asshole:

In other news, I'm all blah.

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I'm about all prepped out for my RT Project. Which will be -- my first threesome fic.

* * * *

They call him Blackmoor. They call him a dark lord. They only have themselves to blame for the man Harry Potter became. When the Light Movement strikes a personal blow in their efforts to control him, he'll show them the true folly of provoking the Master of Death.

National Novel Writing Month starts on November 1st (of course). I'm super excited!

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