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So here's the thing. People steal. People torrent ebooks, music, tv shows, and movies because they believe they have the right to do so. It's going to happen and because often these sites are hosted in countries with incredibly lax standards regarding the intellectual property rights of others -- they get away with it.

It's going to happen and I can't focus on it because it would just lead to me being discouraged and fill me up with so much anger that I have no room for anything else. So I've reported the torrent thing to my publisher and they'll send a take down notice that will probably be ignored. You see, these sites they don't face any sort of legal consequences for their actions.

My only real recourse as a writer is to rely on good, honest people to not steal from me. There probably isn't a book published on the market today that hasn't been pirated by some asshole who places no value on the work of the creator. They don't value the time or the creativity of the author and absolutely nothing is going to change that mindset.

Just remember if you're tempted to download something off the internet for free when you know you shouldn't -- you're disrespecting the work that many people put into producing it.

You're slapping writers, actors, directors, AND the people who purchased it legimately in the face every single time you pirate something.

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