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Everyone has plot bunnies--even awesome, rather verbose writers like myself. Of course, I have bunnies in various stages of being written but these are ideas that I haven't actually written anything on.

AMTDI Plot Bunny (because every Stargate author needs one)
I have this idea about John and Rodney being forced to have sex and afterwards McKay is all amused and not put out and John just becomes literally obsessed with what they did to the point where he can't even masturbate without thinking about McKay's ass. Eventually, during a movie night, John just explodes from all of his angst and confesses his lurid, filthy, obscene masturbation fantasies--in detail. And Rodney's response is: "Can we do all of those tonight or will you have to pace yourself?"

And my other DADT fic Plot Bunny
I want to write a DADT story where the policy gets repealed and everyone stops pretending they think John is straight and tries to get him to confess his man-love for McKay -- only John really had no idea he was IN LOVE WITH MCKAY and he freaks out and Rodney is not amused. And everyone is stunned the two of them weren't having a big, torrid, gay love affair for YEARS. Even Jennifer is half-convinced she was Rodney's beard when they dated before she got a clue and dumped him because she thought McKay was breaking John's heart.

The Fuck Plot Bunny
Where in John says "fuck it" and Rodney says "fuck you" and they both trot off in different directions after the Ancients kick them off Atlantis only to end up "retired" and teaching at the same damn university six months later. John hasn't really forgiven Rodney for Doranda and Rodney thinks John is a sorry bastard and doesn't give a shit if he's forgiven. Their students decide that they are epically in love with each other because they argue all the time and keep trying to set them up on dates with each other. Also? They keep meeting up and having angry, I hate you sex with each other then making excuses for their poor self-control and blaming each other for their seriously twisted, hot but fucked up relationship. Eventually, the SGC rescues the students from their fucked upness and recalls them to the Atlantis mission but John doesn't want to return to the Air Force so they make him the leader of the whole thing since Elizabeth got married and got herself knocked up while they are all being fucked up on Earth. So, then John and Rodney are back in Pegasus--still having "I hate you" sex and they live angerily ever after.

The Ascension Plot Bunny
Where in John and Rodney accidently ascend together but the Ancients hate Rodney and keep trying to seduce John to what Rodney calls the Dark Side and McKay is pretty pissed that his ascension is being intruded upon by a bunch of Ancient whores who can't keep their tentacles to themselves. John takes to spying on the Expedition and new military CO keeps pissing him off so he kind of sort of starts haunting the man which isn't technically against the rules but it's heavily frowned upon by everyone but Rodney. Eventually, the Ancients can't take John's disobedience and Rodney's sarcasm anymore so they kick them out and send them back to Atlantis with their memories intact on the condition that the next time they die---they absolutely cannot ascend again.

Rodney has to admit his EPIC Love for John Plot Bunny (And finally my favorite plot bunny and I actually have some of this written)
John touches something off world and he gets sucked into a device and he can only be pulled from the ancient machine by someone who really, truly loves him.

And because I'm evil... here is an excerpt:

I would’ve bet on an alien sex ritual, too )

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Thanks to [ profile] i_cant_talk_now , I now have this McShep plot bunny about Rodney and John being musicians who have man-crushes on each other and get together to make music because their bromance is EPIC.

And it's ALL because of this YouTube Video:

Additionally-- I now officially ship Richard Marx and Matt Scannell and I don't even read RPS.


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