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1. Your deep, personal investment in my work makes me really uncomfortable.

2. Sometimes your feedback is phrased in such a way that I worry the line between fiction and reality is pretty much nonexistent for you.

3. I hate it when you read between the lines of my story and make up shit that didn't actually happen then make it seem like you're really unhappy with your assumptions and blame me. It's not cool.

4. Your homophobia makes me deeply uncomfortable. (Every single time someone emails me asks me what the pairing is going to be for Lord of the High Elves because they'll be so upset for wasting their time reading it if it's Harry/Draco)

5. Being a Big Name Fan isn't something I strived for, I hate being called one, and it's not contagious so stop trying to rub yourself all over me. It's weird.

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Dec 12 (9 days ago)
to me
I wanted to thank you for the conversation we had over last week.  I
found you to be terrifically entertaining and instructive.

I'd almost forgotten what a prima donna is.  Before last week I would
have said I'd only encountered one in the Harry Potter fandom; just
after I entered it nine years ago.  But that lady, I realise now,
wasn't a true prima donna; her childish tantrum was amplified by ego
but still, by and large, based on a philosophical disagreement (the
merit of Harry/Ginny :-)).  She was nothing compared to you, a true
prima donna who is driven entirely by ego and personal comfort/issues
from the start.

It was such fun chatting with you!  With each reply I felt a whiff of
nostalgia, memories of how I felt back in those early days when
everything and everyone was so strange and exciting and new.  As my
first case of an authentic prima donna I felt like I was again
exploring new territory every time I came across a new response from

It's always great fun to note the many mistakes made by nasty
opponents; even more so, I found, when the person on the other side is
driven purely by ego; the bigger (they think) they are, the harder
they fall, etc.  You go out of your way to send me a message to
instruct me to follow the rule on your front page ... clearly not
comprehending that I had never been in contravention of that rule in
the first place.  That was funny.  As was the lack of logic you
demonstrated in our extended conversation on Chapter 2.  Conjuring
strawmen out of thin air.  Whipping up fashionable labels - 'passive
aggression', 'entitlement' - but entirely missing the point that the
connection of such conveniences has to be established for them to have
any power.

But it was your snark, your pure bitchiness, which made your case so
interesting and entertaining.  'Bitchiness' is the word that perfectly
describes your words, and - unlike typical correspondence - I know I
can employ it with no fear of being accused of engendering emotional
distress on your part, since you clearly glory in being a bitch (your
home page having a 'Bitch Box' news feed and a 'Support a Bitch'
paypal button).  Now *that* label - 'bitch' - you got right.

From the very start - your e-mail laying down your broken 'no
criticism' rule, and your initial reply for Chapter 2 - "you thought
it perfectly okay to let me know what you would've written instead" -
you had me wriggling in my chair in pleasure at the pure ego-driven
snark you were producing.  What a brilliant example of a prima donna!
I'm so pleased I came across you; I just wish I could analyse you
properly.  What made you this way?  Were you always an arrogant bitch?
 Are you like that in real life?  Or do you compartmentalise?  Surely
so?  How many sycophantic 'minions' were required to make you this
way?  I wish I was able to investigate you thoroughly, see what makes
a prima donnna like you tick.  What a wonderful specimen you are!

Keira Marcos

Dec 12 (9 days ago)
to Brad
No, Brad, thank you. That was the single best laugh I've had ALL MONTH.
Granted it's just the 12th and I haven't browsed my Youtube subscriptions in a week
so don't go getting a swelled head.
Are you doing this for attention?
Or are you just genuinely butt-hurt that I don't want your writing advice?
Dude, you aren't even a writer.


Dec 17 (4 days ago)
to me
> No, Brad, thank you. That was the single best laugh I've had ALL MONTH.

Methinks the flatness of your laughter is commensurate with the lack
of verisimilitude in your arguments.

> Granted it's just the 12th and I haven't browsed my Youtube subscriptions in
> a week so don't go getting a swelled head.

I assure you, in any conversation we might have, I will never be the
one with the swelled head.

> Are you doing this for attention?

Yes.  You've nailed it.

Rather than re-register on your site and post public comments that
other patrons might see I have instead opted for sending you private
communiques that only you will ever read.

*rolls eyes*

No.  I'm not doing it 'for the attention'.

> Or are you just genuinely butt-hurt that I don't want your writing advice?

Ah, another charming phrase - 'butt-hurt'.

No, I am not 'butt hurt' that you don't want my writing advice.

I'm simply astounded at the size of your ego, amazed at how
super-sensitive you are to criticism and appalled at the rudeness you
displayed to a first-time reader and visitor to your site.

> Dude, you aren't even a writer.

A classic defence by the losers I've met in the HP fandom.  It's not
the source that counts; it's the content.

If you were asked "who is more likely to give valid literary
criticism, Brad or a (fanfic) writer?", then your money should be on
the writer.  Of course.

But does that mean Brad - or any non-'writer' - can never, ever ever,
give some good advice?  Or more accurately - for my case - does that
mean that Brad or other non-writers can never, ever ever, even proffer
simple, reasonable *commentary*?

Of course not.

Many - most, I would wager - literary critics aren't writers
themselves.  Or are less luminary than the authors they review.

'Consider the source' is a cowardly ploy to avoid looking at the
actual critique itself.

Keira Marcos

Dec 18 (3 days ago)
to Brad


8:35 PM (1 hour ago)
to me
Isn't it amazing how just one word of two letters can provide so much

On 18/12/2014, Keira Marcos <> wrote:

> No.

Ha ha ha ha ha!!

So funny.

First of all, the confirmation that you can't rebut my assertions is
quite satisfying.  I don't go looking for arguments but it's always
nice when I win.

Secondly, the sheer silliness of your response.  You just wanted to
say ... that you have nothing to say?  Okay then.  Consider it said.

And then finally, the word itself - 'no'.  Really, you must understand
your denial means absolutely nothing to me, to anyone, given as it is
with no reasoning behind it.  Most silly people who just don't have
the intellectual courage to admit to being wrong would simply not
reply or otherwise descend into further ad hominem attacks.  But you,
instead, say 'no'.

Is that the prima donna aspect of personality coming into play, I
wonder?  Are you accustomed to minions falling into line at your

Fun stuff to contemplate.
> *Keira Marcos*

Keira Marcos

9:57 PM (22 minutes ago)
to Brad
You said you don't want attention but you obviously want mine.
You didn't "win" anything. You're an arrogant, ignorant prick.
Defending myself against your stupidity is a waste of time so I won't.
I said "no" because I'm done.  You have absolutely nothing of value to say
and I have no interest in engaging you in conversation so fuck off.


Dec. 12th, 2014 05:33 am
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Brad emailed me. Brad is a new reader to my site and he was reading Harry Potter and the Soulmate Bond. I don't know if he still is (I don't care either way). I banned him from commenting my site -- the first troll to ever earn that particular distinction because he's disrespectful. I can't take him seriously but I figured he might make you bitches laugh.

Check out this delusional motherfucker from Australia:

BRAD says:

Read more... )

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