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So Cockprovider and I were talking about "street harrassment" and the impact it has on women. He was actually pretty dubious about the entire concept but he's got Dick Privilege so he has no idea what it's like to walk around in this world surrounded by walking, moving threats. I'm not saying that every single man I see/meet/pass by is out to attack or kill me-- but I am saying that most adult men between the ages of 16 and 50ish could easily overpower me physically which makes them a threat on an instinctual level.

I told him that while I don't often encounter outright harrassment from men on the street because frankly I don't walk down "streets". I drive places, park, get out of my car and go in. It isn't like living in a city like New York where sometimes it's easier to walk or take the bus. BUT what I do get is store harrassment. The only time I can normally by pass comments is if I'm on the phone and even then I get leering behavior and little smirks when men who should be old enough to know better check out my tits in the most obvious way possible. The worst? Smacking their lips. I have grown men smack their lips at my tits.

So I made him go a large grocery store with me for an experiment and we both got carts and he pretended he wasn't with me.

I was propositioned twice in produce. The most "mature" of the two comments was "Nice melons, sweetheart." I was no where near the cantalope.

In the meat department, while in line to get a roast and some sliced ham from the butcher I got these comments:

"So you like thick meat?" (Leering grin) from another (different from melon guy) customer after I told the butcher how thick I wanted the ham sliced. I ignore him.

"Getting a beef roast? I prefer nice porking... I mean pork roast." He's very persistant.

I roll my eyes and hope that he's run out of meat references. He hasn't because he says, "this stuffed sausage is on sale but you can have mine for free."

Had my husband not there and had I not been determined to make a point, I'd have already this motherfucker off.

The butcher who is glaring at the man just keeps mouthing he's sorry to me. I get my stuff and I leave. My husband is, by the way, already ten kinds of fucking furious but he's maintaining his "cover".

In the baking section, a man "helps" me get something from a shelf that I could've reached myself and looks down my shirt while he does it. He almost dumps 5lbs of flour on me. Due to brain-washing (ie manners) I actually thank this motherfucker for his help and he responds, "any time, sweet thing."

In dairy, the man from the meat department finds me and he's all grinning and smug when he says, "Caught ya!"

I start looking at the dates on the organic milk without acknowledging him and my husband says, "if you say one more word to my wife, I'm going to end you."

And thus our experiment ended. The dude scurried off and CP pointed one finger at me: "You are never going to the fucking grocery store by yourself again."

To which I responded, "I'm a grown woman. I do what I want."

And he didn't even notice the three different men who reached across me to get something and purposely rubbed their arm across my chest or ass. Just sayin'

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