Jan. 18th, 2012 01:26 pm
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Many of you might think that SOPA won’t have any impact on you — you aren’t a software pirate, after all. You don’t download illegal music. You don’t download or sell illegal copies of movies or books. It’s not a problem, right? WRONG. The problem isn’t that SOPA will hamper our “funtimes” on Youtube (well it would) or that it would make legitimate website owners freak out (it so would) it’s that the bill wasn’t written by people who actually understand how the Internet works and more importantly — it wasn’t written by someone who respects the Freedom of Speech.

Intellectual Property Rights are for the INDIVIDUAL — not companies.  They were put into law to protect the rights of writers, artists, and musicians and to give them the MONEY they needed to live so that they could create more work. It was never designed to limit or destroy free thinking, innovation, or the creation of transformative works (like fan fiction). I don’t believe corporations should be have this kind of power in our country.

There is a link on my Facebook wall right now that could shut down all of Facebook if this law passed. In fact, there are several since I adore YouTube (which would not survive SOPA). Twitter might last 24 hours before someone posted a link to content they shouldn’t and then bam– they lose their account OR the government comes in and tells Twitter they are toast. OR they could try — because SOPA has no power in other countries and these large companies could easily just take their asses across the ocean (taking jobs with them) and they’d be safe from this ill-conceived law.

I’ll be frank — thinking about this bill and the other one like it — it makes me feel powerless. As a writer it should EMPOWER me. It should make me feel great about my government and their intention to protect my work from evil pirates. Except, it doesn’t. It makes me feel like we’re on the cusp of a police state. It makes me feel like I’m living in fascist country.

What’s next, assholes? Are you going to build a fucking great fire wall?

It pisses me off. It should piss you off, too!

Tell your congressman how you feel about this:  (be polite)

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