Dec. 12th, 2014 05:33 am
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Brad emailed me. Brad is a new reader to my site and he was reading Harry Potter and the Soulmate Bond. I don't know if he still is (I don't care either way). I banned him from commenting my site -- the first troll to ever earn that particular distinction because he's disrespectful. I can't take him seriously but I figured he might make you bitches laugh.

Check out this delusional motherfucker from Australia:

BRAD says:

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There is a lot of discussion about potential employers asking for passwords to social media accounts, Facebook being the most popular apparently. My Lifejournal is a mixture of private and public posts. My Facebook account is "Friends Only". My Twitter feed is open to the public. Of course, none of theses accounts are in my legal name and I take great pains to keep this identity separate from others that I have online. 

I started using the Internet in the mid-90s. I have "identities" that date back that far. I have ten different Yahoo accounts, four Facebook profiles, three Twitter feeds, 3 Google accounts, and 15 email accounts. No, I'm not at all kidding. I wouldn't give a potential employer access to a single social media profile that I have. Why? Because it's not only an invasion of my privacy, it would be a violation of my "friends" privacy. There are people on Facebook and LJ who post content that is meant only for their "friends". Period.

I pledge to be a Good Friend. I'll never give my password to someone else. This is an easy stance for me to take. I am self-employed and I don't need to bow down to the wishes of another in order to put food on my table. I realize that can't be true for everyone on my various lists. 

My suggestion to you -- if you are job hunting is to have a "public" profile you can give potential employers that has minimal information and NO FRIENDS. Keep a private profile that doesn't connect in name to you personally. Use a nickname -- have a super secret identity. It's time we all started taking on a Bruce Wayne State of Mind to protect ourselves because it's clear that no one in the government is going to.

I am really looking forward to seeing Martin Freeman in The Hobbit. I think the casting was SPOT ON!
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To the person who emailed me and told me I was going to hell for "supporting homosexuality".


PS - Calling me godless isn't exactly the insult you hoped it would be.


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