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I bought a seedless watermelon. It was a beautiful green with a creamy yellow belly. It sounded great when I thumped it (I don't know why I thump it. My grandma did, my mom does it, I do it. I come from a long line of watermelon thumpers.) I bring home my loot, super excited since watermelon is one of my favorite summertime treats.

Now, my mother is firmly of the belief that you can only buy GOOD watermelon between July 1st and August 31st. She's very serious about this and will not buy a watermelon even a day outside of this time period. I'm not patient enough to wait for the magical Watermelon Witching Hour (tm). So I bought one the last week of June.

I set up my watermelon cutting tools (large knife, cutting board, some bowls to store it in my frig, a garbage bag for the rind) and start peeling my watermelon like I was taught to do on Youtube in an honestly much slower fashion than the YouTube guy. Regardless, I have the tools, the technique, and this beautiful watermelon. I cut off the rind, slice it half to start cutting my little watermelon squares and...much to my horror it is not seedless. It had all the seeds.  I mean it, it had all the seeds I've avoided in the years since seedless watermelons became a thing in grocery stores.

The betrayal was real.

But I'm not wasteful so I cut my very seedy watermelon and we ate it. It wasn't terrible but I don't particularly enjoy spitting seeds out.

Yesterday, the husband and I were at a popular warehouse store and they had big bins of seedless watermelon everywhere. But my betrayal was fresh--would I get all the seeds again? The man assured me that statistically speaking it was unlikely that I'd be so betrayed again so I picked one out (with much less joy than normal).

I cut it and it was perfect. I called my mother to tell her that perhaps there is something to her Watermelon Witching Hour thing after all.

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