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I wrote the Soulmate bond quite a long time ago and it was complete when I rediscovered it from old disks that I had in college. I rewrote it (for the better trust me) and once it started coming out of BETA I started posting it on my site. Unfortunately, in later chapters I made changes during the beta process that required I rework last few parts. The fic is basically complete barring the changes I want to make to it before posting and I hope to finish posting it before the first of April.

However, I'm human. And things happen, right? I have two betas who work on this story with me so if they aren't available to beta then I have to wait (patiently) until they are. Please don't volunteer to beta for me. Seriously. I'm very happy with my current beta relationships. Thank you.

Originally, this series was around 200k and just 20 parts. During the beta process, it swelled to roughly 300k in 25 parts. That means that during beta (and after my own major rewrite before it ever went into beta) that I wrote an additional 100k on this story since July of last year.

Of course, since I added so much to the story and changed things here and there by the time I got to part 22, I realized I needed to change a few things here and there for consistency, timeline, character development, and the plot lines. In the original version of this story -- Hermione had a different animagus form, Narcissa was killed, and Lucius Malfoy didn't get killed at Gryffindor Circle -- in the end the biggest problem turned out to be Hermione's animagus form which I changed so she could understand parseltongue BUT it crossed my mind a week after posting that it totally FUCKED part 25.

THIS IS WHY I CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS. Also, this is why I normally don't post something until I'm completely fucking done with it. *pouts*

So, it's coming. Chill out.

And in other news -- I'm going to write part 2 of the War Mages trilogy for my April Rough Trade project.

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I'm at the half-way point on the rough draft. I'd thought originally 30k on the rough but it's going to be at least 50 which will probably make the final around 90 to 100k. Which is respectable as far as a commercial work is concerned.

I did some further casting. You can see it on my page Project file along with links to all fourteen parts:

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It's beautiful here. I just spent a hour dissecting the character of Harry Potter like a boss with another writer. We both agree that JK Rowling is a sadist. Then we talked about the false intimacy created between a writer and a reader.

Working on The Broken Road.

In other news, I've linked to 5 other authors who participated in EAD.

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The thing is that I have a bunch of WIPs. Because I write in serial format-- I can juggle a few without feeling all that guilty about keeping readers waiting (sorry) but I do try to live a guilt-free life. Guilt takes up so much energy and often makes you feel miserable both mentally and phsyically. The problem is that I truly am spoiled for choice so I tried to inspire myself by reading my own work. Most of you can get a good idea of what's on my plate based on excerpts from Evil Author Day. I'm very close to finishing That Old Black Magic (HP - Harry/Draco).  I also have a project with LadyHolder (Dangerous and Beautiful Things which is a Sherlock/Sentinel fusion) and a Star Trek/Sentinel project of my own that is fascinating to play with. 

There are a few others: Beckon the Dark (next novel in the Lantean Legacy series), Valor and Honor (next novella in Ring of Fire), and of course my Halo/Sga project that I will start actively pursueing after I wrap up the SGA arc of TTB. As for my major series stuff (spoilers ahead):

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Aside: I have no idea when any of that will be posted. Just FYI.


WIP page

Dec. 12th, 2011 12:15 pm
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I've updated my WIP page on my site:

I'm sitting in the cafe for the first time in what feels like months. I try not to go out in public and spread my germs around if I have a choice. Additionally, I've felt like hell so being out in public was dangerous for other people since I'm evil when I'm really sick.
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TTB Update

Sep. 16th, 2011 03:03 pm
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I've been going through my "series bible" and I've hit a lot of the points and tones that I wanted to for the series and I've spread out the rest over four more parts which will be titled:

Fever Pitch
Time After Time
Broken Road
The North Star

Things will take a very hard turn in Broken Road and we'll have some angst and some adjustments and finally in The North Star everything will come to ahead and Rodney will be forced to face, accept, and admit his feelings for John.

I've said more than once that the Ties That Bind has a very "natural" ending. I believe what I have planned more than backs that up.

One thing I tried to do with the plot of this series is create overlapping themes throughout each novella leading into the final installment. Every major plot point from John collaring Rodney in that small room to the student exhibition at de Sade to the house trial in Singapore has been building up --hard and sometimes fast towards what will be a really intense situation for McKay.

Just remember as we move into the final pieces of this series that I believe in hope and in happy endings.


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Apparently someone decided today was the day to tease the hell out of fan fic readers with a list of WIP titles on their LJ as evidenced by [ profile] danceswithgary's recent post. Far be it from me to fail to participate in a group sport designed to make people scream.

So Evil Author Day is celebrated by:
Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

Pick out the title that most intrigues you, or appeals to you, or whatever, and I'll post a snippet!

Now, keep in mind that this is not exactly my fault and is actually only a list of the projects I'm currently working on enough that I could actually post snippets...


Stargate: Atlantis Fandom (all McShep Pairing)
If Your Heart's Not In It (fusion with Criminal Minds and the Sentinel) (Excerpt)
When You're Gone (post season 5)
A Meeting of Minds (AU) (Excerpt)
The Moments in Between (AU) (Excerpt)
The Spartan Chronicles: John Sheppard (fusion with the HALO universe) (Excerpt)
One More Day (AU - Character Death)
More Than Anything (AU) (Excerpt)
Ties That Bind: Whatever It Takes (Excerpt One) (Excerpt Two)
Sentinels of Atlantis: The Spirit (Excerpt)
Lantean Legacy Book 3: In the Silence (Excerpt)
Lantean Legacy Book 4: The Devil You Know  -- I don't have anything in this I could post that wouldn't be a major spoiler for books 2 and 3 -- lol

The Sentinel Fandom
Forget Me Not (Excerpt)
I Believe (Excerpt)

The Star Trek (2009) Fandom
Tangled Destinies: Havoc (Excerpt)
Tangled Destinies: Fascination
Instinct (fusion with The Sentinel) (Excerpt)

Edited to Add:
Okay, I'm all excerpted out ;-)
Hope you guys enjoyed them!

WIP Update

Feb. 6th, 2011 10:32 pm
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I spent the day writing and doing my personal best to make my husband really uncomfortable in his own home until he sent me off to the coffee shop with his own money. I made sure to spend almost all of it-- I brought him $1.23 back because I'm all about giving someone their change back.

I did some drabbles on Different Roads.

I finished And The Stars Burn and sent it off to beta.

I started working on Whatever It Takes again but it'll be the last chance I get to write on my hobby writing until probably Wednesday/Thursday because I have a VERY full week starting on Monday.

Sentinels of Atlantis: The Spirit : 50% complete
Tangled Destinies: Havoc : 10% complete
Ties That Bind: Whatever It Takes : 80% complete
Ring of Fire: And the Stars Burn : 100% complete (in beta 1)
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Day two of my husband's staycation and the man has no idea that I've been fantasizing about having powers like ya know, Harry Potter, so I could curse him. Nothing permanent mind you--just enough to make him STFU.


Worked on the "Birth of the Serpent King" beta from Ladyholder. It's my second round of beta on this fic and I've been labeling areas where I want to add scenes and flesh out a few details. So I'm thinking this book will be about 110,000 words maybe a little less but certainly over 100,000.

I received a few emails regarding the changes on my website. I won't bother to rant like I have in the past though I did bitch a little on FB about it last night. It boils down to this-- it's my site and sometimes I get bored with it. When I get bored I play with templates until I'm not bored anymore. That's how it works folks and that's how it as worked for going on THREE years.

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Keira is writing! Yes, yes, I know how awesome that sounds. It sounds almost as awesome as it feels.


Sentinels of Atlantis: The Spirit : 25% complete
Tangled Destinies: Havoc : 10% complete
Ties That Bind: Whatever It Takes : 75% complete
Harry Potter Fic: 95% complete
Ring of Fire: And the Stars Burn : 50% complete

AND More boys kissing:
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So I'm writing on the first novella in the Ring of Fire series (titled "And the Stars Burn") and I just wrote something that made me laugh my ass off in public:

“Why is it…” Patrick started and focused entirely on Jack. “That when something fucked up happens that is in no way your fault that a woman can make you feel so guilty that you want to apologize for the fucked up thing you didn’t even do?”

“I have a theory about that,” Jack confided. “But I’m not allowed to share it anymore because Sam says it’s misogynistic to discuss the vagina as if it is somehow more important than the rest of the woman.”

Not Work Safe Video:

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I was working on the first novella in the Ring of Fire series and I realized that Quark was completely missing from what I'd written and that is just EPIC FAIL. So, I have to go back and write a scene for him.

Also, a picture:

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The next part of Ties That Bind will mark the first story in over a year that I didn't have "some of it" already written in my scrap file. When I first started posting the series I had "snippets" and scenes spread out all over my work folder for all the parts currently posted AND I had rough drafts of all the novellas through Under Pressure completed.

The next part, which I've been calling "Whatever It Takes" is different because it's ya know, plotted, but I don't have a single scene written for it. I know what I want to say in this particular novella in the series. And I know what I want to happen. I know how to get there-- it's just not written. It'll be an emotional fic -- heavy on the discussion because John made the leap in "In the Flames" and now McKay is playing catch up on the emotional front which means therapy.

Music is always a source of inspiration for me and I usually pick out a single song that carries the theme of whatever I'm writing. In this case (as with many stories in this series), the song has also inspired the title of the fic.


Aug. 16th, 2010 05:40 am
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As a writer, I'm capable of writing in a variety of genres from historical to science fiction but one thing I can't seem to do is keep the romance out of my writing. I adore being in love and there is nothing more amazing to me than bringing two characters together and creating a world where they can come together and fall in love.

I write a lot of series work for fan fiction and by far the most romantic series (in my mind) is What Might Have Been. Lately I've been working on the novel follow up for that series (Ring of Fire) and honestly I've been putting off finishing this book because I know it's the last time I'll probably write a full on novella/novel for this series. I doubt I'll ever fully let go of this 'verse because as a writer I'm kind of in love with it. Maybe it's too sappy for words and the characters are larger than life but when I started writing it was because I wanted this big epic, surreal romance for John/Rodney and I'd looked around the fandom for a while and didn't find anything that exactly fit my want so I wrote it for myself. When I started posting it I wasn't even sure it was a series or what it was but then it turned into something really awesome and huge and a kid!fic which I don't even normally read.

So, what are the most romantic pieces of fan fic in the SGA fandom for you?

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I was up all night last night much to Chris King's horror. She nagged me for a while about napping and eating but she means well so I didn't give her any cyberbirdies or anything as a result.

Since I was up all night I did finish THE CATALYST which is the next part in the The Sentinels of Atlantis series and it's been through one beta already and is now in the hands of ****** (name withheld to protect the not-so innocent) for the final beta.

The first book in the Lantean Legacy Series which I'm calling NO ENEMY WITHIN just went over 60k in my final re-write and we're almost ready for beta. Fortunately both Chris and Ladyholder have actually been working with all along on that series so the final beta process shouldn't be too much of a hassle. I'm confident that I'll be ready to start posting the book sometime this month.

I haven't said much about the Lantean Legacy series in public so I thought I'd talk about it a little here.

1. It's a sentient Atlantis story but I think I've approached it from an angle no one else has used in the past.
2. It's McShep but the romance isn't the main focus of the story
3. It's basically a "cut-off" from Earth story

In the first book, the expedition comes to terms with the fact that the people on Earth aren't going to actively support their mission and they are offered an unthinkable gift by Atlantis. This "legacy" changes everyone within the expedition and makes a future where they might be able to return to Earth impossible.

I had a lot of fun writing this and the first draft of the second book is complete. I have a few new OCs and of course John's family which I can't seem to get out of my head will eventually make an appearance. I would say, however, that the star of this piece is Atlantis herself. I really look forward to sharing this with my readers.


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