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I've been posting a bunch of shorts on my site but I neglected to announce them on LJ so here is the list below ;-). Mostly, I've been mentally stretching as I prepare for National Novel Writing Month.

You can find links here:

  • Unchained (NCIS) - GEN, Chained Tag

  • Stay (The Hobbit) - Thorin/Bella, Rule 63

  • The Bridge (Stargate: Atlantis) - GEN

  • You Can’t Play a Player (NCIS) - GEN, Boxed In Tag

  • Reckless and a Little Magical (Harry Potter) Harry/Hermione

  • The Spell (Harry Potter) Harry/Hermione

  • The Quiet One (NCIS) GEN, Aliyah Tag

  • Give In (NCIS) DiNozzo/McGarrett, Semper Fidelis Tag

  • Hard (Stargate: Atlantis) McKay/Sheppard

  • The Confession (Stargate: Atlantis) McKay/Sheppard

  • The Box (Stargate: Atlantis) McKay/Sheppard

  • Problem Solving (Harry Potter) Harry/Hermione

  • Riot Bar (Stargate: Atlantis) McKay/Sheppard

  • His Bright Spot (Criminal Minds) Penelope Garcia/Ian Edgerton

  • Small Favors (Hawaii Five-0) GEN

  • Never Enough (MacGyver-2016) Jack Dalton/Spencer Reid

These works are COMPLETE and all are less than 2,000 words.

List updated: 10/24/2016

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It's often said that "The Sentinel" is the little black dress of fandom. You can stick the theme in any fandom and make it work. Sentinels and Guides just spring up full grown in any fandom you fuse with the Sentinel. The challenge for July is to write 3 short stories (10 to 15k) in three different fandoms all using the Sentinel/Guide fanon.

To sign up for the challenge please reply with a comment on the sign up post including your three titles and the fandoms you'll be writing in. The challenge is to create three stories between July 1 and July 31st. So you must submit three titles/fandoms when you comment. Do not ask questions or make comments on the sign up post. You can ask questions here. To give you an example these are my three titles:

1. From Blue to Green (Stargate: Atlantis)
2. A Delicate Balance (Criminal Minds)
3. Ten Years After the War (Harry Potter)

You must be signed up by June 15 in order to participate!

(you must be a member to read, sign up and participate)
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This month's challenge is Soul Mate Bonds and the ramifications of such. We have entries in mutliple fandoms among them: Harry Potter, Stargate, Teen Wolf, Avengers, & NCIS. There are also several original fiction projects in the works!

You can browse by title here:

Fandom is listed with the title. Once you click on a post archive -- just scroll down the very bottom to check out the project file the author posted at the start of the challenge.

My own project is called: With Your Heart on Your Sleeve and I'm writing in the Avengers fandom this month.

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