Date: 2017-08-27 06:03 am (UTC)
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The care you take in weaving your story shines through and, for me, is the most alluring part. You make your characters worthy of each other and take the time and care to build a foundation of strength and trust. Even in Ties that Bind, one of the most explicit stories I've read there is a gentleness to the narration and John approaches Rodney with a soft touch, Romancing him in one of the most important ways. Your characters coax their partners in a way that they needed; John makes Rodney feels safe and builds up his trust in others romantically, Harry provides Draco with and a partner who both loves him for all that he is and supports him in his endeavors. The same can be found in the Hold My Coffee series. You build strong characters and mate them with equally vivid and powerful counterparts. They guard their loves, their hearts, with a ruthlessness that I can only describe as awe inspiring. I don't get how someone could go through over 100k worth of work and only focus on the sex scenes because seriously I could write several essays based off themes and turn of characterizations found in your work.

But throughout your work there is a major distinction between healthy and dangerous obsession. Between what is appropriate behavior and what is not. Harry being obsessed with the shape of Draco's behind in his trousers is fine because it's entirely mutual, David Kleinman attempting to force his attentions on Meredith because he's attracted to her regardless of if its returned is just one of the glaring examples in your work. The theme of what constitutes a healthy relationship can be found throughout all the stories that I've read by you. I see where some stories/fandoms/movies etc can have an enthralling affect on the fans and its disturbing. Some fandoms made it so I wouldn't even look at the source material because of the harassment of the actors. Hiddleston, Patterson, Felton, Radcliffe, Watson. And far too many others. Sometimes fans are the worst part of fandom.
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