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I'm finished with my excerpts. These are works in progress. Do not harass me for updates or ask questions about my plots for these stories. I mean it.

For those of you haven't been on Facebook today -- the links are below:

Beads on Her Feet (Hobbit - Thorin/Belladonna -female Bilbo)
Prologue & Chapter One

The Shield Maiden of Erebor (Hobbit - Thorin/Belladonna -female Bilbo)
Prologue & Chapter One & Chapter Two

Spirit Born (Hobbit - Thorin/Belladonna -female Bilbo)
Prologue & Chapter One
Chapters Two & Three
Chapters Four & Five

Blank Space (Harry Potter, Harry/Hermione)

Will be posted in full on my site.

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Ready to talk about dirty things? Check out my radio show tonight when I discuss the motivations, actions, and plots points of my series Ties That Bind. We're only one part out from the finish of the Stargate Arc of the Ties That Bind series.

Questions welcome in the last hour (or you can ask on this post).

Listen Live tonight or in a podcast later!

Time: 8pm Pacific, 9pm Mountain, 10pm Central, 11pm Eastern

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Title: The Broken Road
Author: Keira Marcos
Betas: Chris King & Ladyholder
Series: Ties That Bind
Series Order: 14
Fandom: SGA
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard, Lorne/OC (many secondary pairings)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 15,978
Warnings: BDSM, discussion of past abuse, fucked up politics, asshats of many nationalities, angst, and an author who is completely amazed by herself and tolerates no bullshit from trolls.

Summary: John and Rodney return to Earth and prepare for the house trial.

The Broken Road by Fan ArtsSeries

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I'm pretty flexible otherwise. So, I've been working on the outline for the Criminal Minds AU for the TTB series. I've watched the first five seasons already to prep for it (you might have noticed my complaining on Twitter).  I've made a few ship choices and they are, obviously, very final and not subject to debate as I've almost finished plotting the first novella/novel.

Hotchner/Reid (both trained at de Sade)
Morgan/Garcia (Morgan will come out of La Petite Mort but Garcia will have no formal training)

As these are my two main pairings this series will have slash and het in it. Bitching about it will .... well, it would be kind to unfriend you but I won't. Instead I'll just make "friends only" posts about you and not allow you to comment on them. Forewarned is forearmed. 

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When I moved to a self-hosted site one of my bigger projects was creating an art gallery for the art that I've received as gifts. That proved to be a big effing deal as many of the options available to me were complicated or stupid or did too much or too little. So I've spent over a year off and on playing with different plugins and features and I've finally settled on AND I reformatted all of my art pages! I made every effort to include all the art that I've received but if you've sent me something and you don't see it -- feel free to use the art submission page to submit it directly to my site.

Which you can check out here:

I've also created a section where people can submit art to me:  (Members only page)

I do have some lovely new art to show off:

Sentinels of Atlantis: Feral Bates by Syble

TTB: John and Rodney by Donna

TTB: Thomas and Chris by CJ


NOT Work Safe Cut )
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Title: Time After Time
Author: Keira Marcos
Beta: Ladyholder
Series: Ties That Bind
Series Order: 13
Fandom: SGA
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard, OC/OC, Lorne/OC, Teldy/Porter
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 22,200
Warnings: BDSM, Violence, high off-world body count of mostly unnamed aliens, fucked up politics, asshats of many nationalities, mild angst, and an author who is completely amazed by herself and tolerates no bullshit from trolls.

Summary: A single day can change everything.

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I can't decide so I thought you guys might want to help. Kyle will appear in several scenes in the upcoming Time After Time as well as the final two parts of the SGA Arc. He'll likely make appearances in the Criminal Minds AU of TTB as well.[Poll #1871165]
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The thing is that I have a bunch of WIPs. Because I write in serial format-- I can juggle a few without feeling all that guilty about keeping readers waiting (sorry) but I do try to live a guilt-free life. Guilt takes up so much energy and often makes you feel miserable both mentally and phsyically. The problem is that I truly am spoiled for choice so I tried to inspire myself by reading my own work. Most of you can get a good idea of what's on my plate based on excerpts from Evil Author Day. I'm very close to finishing That Old Black Magic (HP - Harry/Draco).  I also have a project with LadyHolder (Dangerous and Beautiful Things which is a Sherlock/Sentinel fusion) and a Star Trek/Sentinel project of my own that is fascinating to play with. 

There are a few others: Beckon the Dark (next novel in the Lantean Legacy series), Valor and Honor (next novella in Ring of Fire), and of course my Halo/Sga project that I will start actively pursueing after I wrap up the SGA arc of TTB. As for my major series stuff (spoilers ahead):

Read more... )
Aside: I have no idea when any of that will be posted. Just FYI.


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CinnaMinion is posting a new series set in the Hawaii Five-0 Fandom with an eventual Steve/Danny pairing. It is set IN the Ties That Bind Universe with my blessing.

You guys should check it out:

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Title: Fever Pitch
Author: Keira Marcos
Art Work: FanArtSeres (coming soon!)
Betas: Ladyholder & Chris King
Series: Ties That Bind
Series Order: 12
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard (many additional pairings)
Rating: NC-17
Author’s Note: Original characters from “Time Heals by CJ aka WritinginCT” are briefly mentioned in this fic.

Warnings: BDSM, blood play, violence, explicit sex, sexual exhibition, voyeurism, and adult language. This novella in the series contains what some may consider extreme S&M. Don’t bitch at me if it freaks you out. I warned you.


Summary: John celebrates his birthday and faces his first exhibition on the city of the Ancients.

TTB Update

Sep. 16th, 2011 03:03 pm
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I've been going through my "series bible" and I've hit a lot of the points and tones that I wanted to for the series and I've spread out the rest over four more parts which will be titled:

Fever Pitch
Time After Time
Broken Road
The North Star

Things will take a very hard turn in Broken Road and we'll have some angst and some adjustments and finally in The North Star everything will come to ahead and Rodney will be forced to face, accept, and admit his feelings for John.

I've said more than once that the Ties That Bind has a very "natural" ending. I believe what I have planned more than backs that up.

One thing I tried to do with the plot of this series is create overlapping themes throughout each novella leading into the final installment. Every major plot point from John collaring Rodney in that small room to the student exhibition at de Sade to the house trial in Singapore has been building up --hard and sometimes fast towards what will be a really intense situation for McKay.

Just remember as we move into the final pieces of this series that I believe in hope and in happy endings.


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Title: Time Heals
Author: CJ aka WritinginCT
Fandom: Stargate SGA
Pairing: multiple m/m (primarily OC’s), m/f, m/m/f
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: rape/ torture recovery (non graphic descriptions of the assault itself)
Categories: Drama, romance, BDSM, AU
Disclaimer: I don’t own the recognizable characters I’m just inspired by them.
Status: Complete 6/08/2011 53200 words

Summary: Time may have healed their bodies, but for two damaged men assigned to Atlantis, it will take meeting each other to truly become whole again.

Why You Should Read This:
Well, first and foremost because I was one of the betas and I think CJ did an awesome job playing in the Ties That Bind ‘Verse. Told from OC points of view, Time Heals plays out in the background of the first 9 parts of my series. She does an outstanding job of weaving events into her story and I found myself simply thrilled with her work in this regard. I really enjoyed this and I think you will as well. While there is a warning on the fic for descriptions of past torture and assault — the descriptions are neither gratuitous or over blown. CJ handles the events and the characterizations with a deft and sensitive hand.

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Excerpt from Fever Pitch, part 12 in the Ties That Bind Series

Rating: NC-17
Warning: Explicit language, explicit sex, voyeurism, rough draft

- - - -



May. 27th, 2011 05:29 pm
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I write in a variety of different series, situations, circumstances, and even genres both as a fan fiction writer and as a professional. Sometimes, it's a little difficult to put my head in the right place to write in a certain series which is why there are times when one series or another will get more of my time than the others.

A writer's mindset isn't something that can be altered with a flip of a switch. Often, I use research to change gears and prepare myself to go in a different direction. I know some writers who read heavily in the genre they want to pursue next but I avoid that because it doesn't always work for me. That's not to say that I don't find other writer's inspiring. In fact, I would go so far as to say that nothing is more inspiring or interesting to me like another writer. Music and art can be inspiring but there is something different about another writer. It is one reason I've always gone out of my way to connect with other writers.

With my fan fiction series, I often have to read through my own work to get my groove back. The last two days I've been reading through Ties That Bind and I've titled the next part "Fever Pitch" at least for the time being. It'll be a transitional piece as move into the final part of the series which I think will probably end up being 15 novellas in total.

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Title: Whatever It Takes
Author: Keira Marcos
Series: Ties That Bind
Series Order: 11
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay, Lorne/OMC, Ronon Dex/Tyre Daos, Beckett/Kusanagi, etc
Genre: Romance, BDSM
Beta(s): Chris King & Ladyholder
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 19,800
Warning: Explicit sex, BDSM, violence, and harsh themes.


Summary:  John finds himself settling deeper into his relationship with McKay while adjusting to the arrival of several new people on the city.

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Title: Everything You Need
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Series: Ties That Bind
Series Order: Interlude (855 words)
Pairing: OC/OC (Declan/Sean)
Beta: Ladyholder

Summary: Declan Frost comes ashore and finds everything he’s ever wanted waiting on him.
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The next part of Ties That Bind will mark the first story in over a year that I didn't have "some of it" already written in my scrap file. When I first started posting the series I had "snippets" and scenes spread out all over my work folder for all the parts currently posted AND I had rough drafts of all the novellas through Under Pressure completed.

The next part, which I've been calling "Whatever It Takes" is different because it's ya know, plotted, but I don't have a single scene written for it. I know what I want to say in this particular novella in the series. And I know what I want to happen. I know how to get there-- it's just not written. It'll be an emotional fic -- heavy on the discussion because John made the leap in "In the Flames" and now McKay is playing catch up on the emotional front which means therapy.

Music is always a source of inspiration for me and I usually pick out a single song that carries the theme of whatever I'm writing. In this case (as with many stories in this series), the song has also inspired the title of the fic.

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: All I Want
Author: Keira Marcos
Artist: FanArts Series
Series: Ties That Bind
Series Order: 10
Pairing: Lorne/OMC
Genre: Romance, BDSM
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 13,900
Warning: Explicit sex, bondage, mild violence, some non-explicit discussion of past abuse of an OC.

Summary: Evan and Matt return to Earth to meet with Matt’s Geisha Master.
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Title: In the Flames
Author: Keira Marcos
Series: Ties That Bind
Series Order: 9
Rating: NC-17
Betas: Ladyholder and Chris King
Warnings: BDSM, blood play, see series page for full warnings

Summary: John and Rodney adjust to being back on the city after the house trial and Scott Holland shows his true colors.
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A Lovely Agony
Keira Marcos
Series: Ties That Bind
Series Order: 8
Pairing: McShep, Lorne/OC, Carson/Miko (many other secondary pairings)
Genre: Romance, BDSM
Rating: NC-17
Beta: Chris “The PomPom” King who is sincerely awesome. Any mistakes that remain are my own :-)
Author’s Note: My special thanks to Ladyholder who reads everything I send her and always has something inspiring to say.
Word Count: 40,500
Warnings: Graphic male/male sex, anal play, BDSM, violence, and exhibitionism (does any of that really make you not want to read it?). Evil!Carter, Marine!John
Extra Special Warning: This story in the Ties That Bind series contains scenes of a very graphic nature, private punishment, minor character deaths, public discipline, and situations/circumstances that might squick sensitive readers.

Summary: Matthew adjusts to having a collar on the city and John is recalled to Earth for a house trial.

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