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To beta or not to beta....
We talked about the value of the alpha/beta reader process AND the time that it takes.

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Last night, Jilly James and I rambled about fandom and personal responsibility in our communities. We also talked about my on going issue with plagiarism. Sigh.

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I thought I'd start blogging about my podcasts. I mean I'm kind of hard-pressed at the moment to figure out what kind of content I want to put on my Dreamwidth but I've had this thing for a while and I did make it pretty today so we'll see how this goes.

[personal profile] jillyjames  and I talked about fandom, censorship, and then we meandered into our favorite soapbox topic which is: Point of View. 

I also talked about the publication process and my personal experiences regarding the submissions process. I hope you enjoy the show and discussion is welcome on this post if you have something you'd like to say!


PS- I've put in a support request regarding embedding podcasts in my journal entries. So hopefully next time you'll see a player instead of just a link
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On Friday, I'll be discussing the character of Rodney McKay and how he is relates to my fiction. This is the post where you can ask questions that I will answer on the air when the radio show airs.

The show will be broadcast here:

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Are you in the closet when it comes to Fandom? We're going to talk about embracing fandom, reasons to hide, the judgement of others and general f*ckery this evening.

Callers and chat questions are welcome.

Discussion: fan-shaming, cosplay, gender roles in fandom, and hiding something super important to you.

You can also ask questions here!

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Listen Live (or in Podcast afterward)

Sentinel John Sheppard thought he’d spend his life unbonded and then he met Dr. Rodney McKay. The mission to Atlantis is their mutual path and they will gather the strongest, brightest, and best for the mission that will take them to another galaxy.

Questions welcome

The future of the series, season 2, and the ramifications of the season finale on the rest of the story.

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Ready to talk about dirty things? Check out my radio show tonight when I discuss the motivations, actions, and plots points of my series Ties That Bind. We're only one part out from the finish of the Stargate Arc of the Ties That Bind series.

Questions welcome in the last hour (or you can ask on this post).

Listen Live tonight or in a podcast later!

Time: 8pm Pacific, 9pm Mountain, 10pm Central, 11pm Eastern

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On Sunday night, I'll be discussing my first and only completed project in the Sentinel Fandom that is not a cross over with Stargate. Questions in the chatroom, on the phone, or on my LiveJournal listing for this radio show are welcome.
Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: The Sentinel
Pairing: Blair/Jim
Betas: Ladyholder & Kelly
Status: Complete
Word Count: 69,152
Rating: NC-17 (for sex, violence, and very adult themes)
Warnings: Foul language, explicit sex, violence, murder, blood, discussion of sexual abuse and violence against minor characters, and various other things you might suspect in a story about a Sentinel Cop and his Guide. Mean!Carolyn. Selfish!Naomi.
Summary: Detective Jim Ellison doesn’t want a Guide. What he wants is peace and quiet and maybe for his ex-wife to disappear. Dr. Blair Sandburg, a successful profiler with the FBI, has nearly given up on finding his Sentinel. Then the night came where one’s pain drew the other across the country – neither will ever be the same.
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How and why plot works in the construction of your story. The difference between plot driven and character driven narrative.

How world building contributes to your story and how poor world building can ruin it.


On Plot

Novel Plotting Worksheets

Outlining Your Plot (PDF link)

Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell (book on Amazon)

On World Building

Seven Deadly Sins of World Building

Five Foundations of World Building

Thirteen World Building Questions

9pm Pacific, 10pm Mountain, 11pm Central, 12pm Eastern

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Link: Keira on BlogTalk Radio

Time: 8pm Pacific, 9pm Mountain, 10pm Central, 11pm Eastern

Character profiles, personal history, dialogue, and speech patterns. How to make fake people more real to yourself and to your reader. Building a three dimensional person on a page is one of the fundamental skills of a fiction writer. Ignoring the character process does the story and your craft a huge disservice.

I'll take writing related questions the second hour. You can call in OR leave feedback on this post with your questions.

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The Original Series vs. Abbrams Universe — the impact the new movies have had on fan fiction, the Star Trek fandom, and the pairing of Kirk/Spock. Why I write in AOS but never had any desire to write in TOS as a fan fiction writer.

Do you have questions about Tangled Destinies? Ask them now (on this post) and I may have time to answer them on the radio show tonight.

8pm Pacific, 9pm Mountain, 10pm Central, 11pm Eastern



Mar. 11th, 2014 06:18 pm
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So, Cock Provider hasn't had much to say about my whole radio show thing beyond making sure he doesn't get on the air by accident.

I told him that the package I picked out on BlogTalk Radio would allow me up to 2 hours a day if I wanted. And he looked at me like I was a weirdo and asked, "Do you really have that much to say?"

And I stared at him (kind of horrified to be honest) and asked, "You don't?"

And he was like straight-up, no hesitation, "Nope."

Gonna do a test show tonight to figure out my dashboard. Call me if you have time:

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I'm hosting my first radio show tonight on Blog Talk Radio. We'll see how this shit goes! Those of you who can't listen live should be able to listen to the archived podcast later unless I delete it out of shame.



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