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The thing is that I have a bunch of WIPs. Because I write in serial format-- I can juggle a few without feeling all that guilty about keeping readers waiting (sorry) but I do try to live a guilt-free life. Guilt takes up so much energy and often makes you feel miserable both mentally and phsyically. The problem is that I truly am spoiled for choice so I tried to inspire myself by reading my own work. Most of you can get a good idea of what's on my plate based on excerpts from Evil Author Day. I'm very close to finishing That Old Black Magic (HP - Harry/Draco).  I also have a project with LadyHolder (Dangerous and Beautiful Things which is a Sherlock/Sentinel fusion) and a Star Trek/Sentinel project of my own that is fascinating to play with. 

There are a few others: Beckon the Dark (next novel in the Lantean Legacy series), Valor and Honor (next novella in Ring of Fire), and of course my Halo/Sga project that I will start actively pursueing after I wrap up the SGA arc of TTB. As for my major series stuff (spoilers ahead):

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Aside: I have no idea when any of that will be posted. Just FYI.


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And the Stars Burn
Author: Keira Marcos
Series: Ring of Fire
Series Order: 1
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay (plus many secondary pairings)
Beta(s): Chris King & Ladyholder
Rating:  NC-17
Word Count: 32,017
Author’s Note: This is the second series in the Alternate Universe that began with What Might Have Been
Contents: Violence, dark themes, angst, explicit sex, political plots, hurt/comfort, mean-spirited people, shock & awe, clichés, an extremely smart-assed kid, bad Humans, interesting Aliens, habitual abuse of canon events and characterizations—all written by a cruel author who has a general lack of respect for expectations and delusions of grandeur.
Categories: Slash, Established Relationship, Alternate Universe, Kid!fic, Surreal Fantasy

Summary: The unexpected arrival of someone from Pegasus forces the SGC to ramp up their plans to charge ZPMs and prepare for the Atlantis mission. On the home front, Patrick Sheppard makes a mistake that will nearly cost him everything he’s worked so hard to regain.

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