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Sentinel John Sheppard thought he’d spend his life unbonded and then he met Dr. Rodney McKay. The mission to Atlantis is their mutual path and they will gather the strongest, brightest, and best for the mission that will take them to another galaxy.

Questions welcome

The future of the series, season 2, and the ramifications of the season finale on the rest of the story.

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Sentinels by FanArts Series

Title: Sentinels of Atlantis: Season One
Author: Keira Marcos
Cover Art: FanArts Series
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard - many others
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis/The Sentinel
Genre: Alternate Universe, romance
Word Count: 269,000
Rating: NC-17 (for adult language, violence, discussions of previous abusive situations, discussion of sexual abuse, and sexual situations)


**Downloads are members only to control my bandwidth. I'm not out to get you, specifically, unless you're detrimental to my plans. Then, yes, I'm out to get you. So, don't be a pansy and register for my site.
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Title: The Search
Author: Keira Marcos
Beta: Ladyholder
Series: Sentinels of Atlantis
Series Order: 20
Fandom: Sentinel/Stargate Fusion
Pairings: McKay/ Sheppard, O’Neill/Patrick Sheppard, OC/OC, Ellison/Sandburg, Vala/Cameron, etc etc
Warnings: No beta, explicit sex, filthy language, & an author with a transitory respect for canon.
Rating: NC-17 (because of the smut

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Title: The Search
Author: Keira Marcos
Series: Sentinels of Atlantis
Series Order: 20  (Episodes 1 to 19 are on my website)

Word Count Goal: 50,000

The Expedition and the SGC face unexpected challenges as they search for power and truth.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven

This will remain up on Naked NaNo through the end of November. I'll probably delete it after that and it will appear on my main site in January after beta and the first season ebook for Sentinels of Atlantis.

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I've reached the half way mark for my goal and it's only day 8 so that's pretty fucking cool. I think... that I might have underestimated how big my plot actually is and I might push towards 75k but who knows. We'll see what I can fit into 50k before we go changing goals.

Details below:

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When I moved to a self-hosted site one of my bigger projects was creating an art gallery for the art that I've received as gifts. That proved to be a big effing deal as many of the options available to me were complicated or stupid or did too much or too little. So I've spent over a year off and on playing with different plugins and features and I've finally settled on AND I reformatted all of my art pages! I made every effort to include all the art that I've received but if you've sent me something and you don't see it -- feel free to use the art submission page to submit it directly to my site.

Which you can check out here:

I've also created a section where people can submit art to me:  (Members only page)

I do have some lovely new art to show off:

Sentinels of Atlantis: Feral Bates by Syble

TTB: John and Rodney by Donna

TTB: Thomas and Chris by CJ


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Read all of my episodes for Sentinels of Atlantis today. I'm really proud of the depth of the series. I figure my favorite episode is without a doubt The Queen.

I'm gearing up to write The Search. Here is the blurb for it:

The Search

John is drawn to explore an off-world facilty but Rodney is concerned by the impact the facility has on his Sentinel. Blair Sandburg and James Ellison take David Sheppard into the jungles of South America in search of the Temple of the Sentinels. Matt Sheppard and Chase Harris hitch a ride on a submarine to the Ross Sea in search of what appears to be another Ancient outpost. Sam and Daniel sneak into Egypt to search for a hidden tomb. Jack and Patrick take a trip to Great Britian. Anne and Allison step through the gate to a planet on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy and finds something rather unexpected.

[Poll #1865888]

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The thing is that I have a bunch of WIPs. Because I write in serial format-- I can juggle a few without feeling all that guilty about keeping readers waiting (sorry) but I do try to live a guilt-free life. Guilt takes up so much energy and often makes you feel miserable both mentally and phsyically. The problem is that I truly am spoiled for choice so I tried to inspire myself by reading my own work. Most of you can get a good idea of what's on my plate based on excerpts from Evil Author Day. I'm very close to finishing That Old Black Magic (HP - Harry/Draco).  I also have a project with LadyHolder (Dangerous and Beautiful Things which is a Sherlock/Sentinel fusion) and a Star Trek/Sentinel project of my own that is fascinating to play with. 

There are a few others: Beckon the Dark (next novel in the Lantean Legacy series), Valor and Honor (next novella in Ring of Fire), and of course my Halo/Sga project that I will start actively pursueing after I wrap up the SGA arc of TTB. As for my major series stuff (spoilers ahead):

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Aside: I have no idea when any of that will be posted. Just FYI.


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I'm thrilled with my new art. This reminds me that I need to set up my gallery on my website!
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Title: Breaking Point

Author: Keira Marcos
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Series: Sentinel of Atlantis
Series Order: Missing Scene from The Aftermath
Pairing: Weir/Wallace
Summary: Elizabeth Weir awakens as a Sentinel in a moment of crisis.
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Check out what [ profile] fanarts_series did for me :-)

You can click on it to see a bigger version :-)

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Title: The Choice
Author: Keira Marcos
Beta:  Ladyholder
Fandom: Sentinel/Stargate Fusion
Series: Sentinels of Atlantis
Series Order: 19
Pairing: OC/OC (Matthew Sheppard/Chase Harris), Jack O’Neill/Patrick Sheppard
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 11,400
Warnings: graphic language and SEX

Summary: Chase Harris has his first off-planet mission and suffers for it. Meanwhile, Matthew Sheppard has to make a choice about his status at the SGC and in the Navy.

And just because: 

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To Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Sentinels of Atlantis--I'm hosting a poll to find the favorite secondary pairing in the series. I'll write drabbles/one shots based on Poll results. Vote all day today and I'll write next week!

You can pick more than once choice ;-)

[Poll #1773725]
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Title: The Spirit
Author: Keira Marcos
Beta(s): Ladyholder and Chris King
Fandom: Sentinel/Stargate Fusion
Pairing: Mckay/Sheppard, etc (see series page)
Series: Sentinels of Atlantis
Series Order: 18
Word Count: 9,685
Rating: R (for violence)
Warnings: Violence, adult language

Summary: John takes the Sentinels off-world for training and Rodney explores the depth of his bond with his Sentinel when they are forced to stay apart. On Earth, Jack and Andy meet up with something entirely unexpected on the streets of Colorado Springs.
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Title: The Queen
Author: Keira Marcos
Art: FanArts Series
Series title: The Sentinels of Atlantis  (series index)
Series Order: 17
Fandom: Sentinel/Stargate Fusion
Beta(s): Ladyholder & Chris King
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 12,700
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard (many secondary pairings)
Warnings: Explicit sex, violence, adult language

Summary: The expedition finds a geothermal drilling platform on Lantea during the final leg of their planetary search that Rodney insists be investigated for potential use for the city and wake a hibernating Queen. On Earth, David Sheppard moves to Denver so that his son will be close to his father and Jack O’Neill.

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Title: The Catalyst
Author: Keira Marcos
Beta(s): Ladyholder & Chris King
Series Index: The Sentinels of Atlantis
Series Order: 16
Fandom: Sentinel/Stargate Fusion
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Jack O’Neill/Patrick Sheppard, McKay/John Sheppard, Teldy/Porter, Carter/Jackson, Ellison/Sandburg
Warnings: Adult themes, violence, and explicit sexual situations.
Author’s Note: I know NOTHING about genetics and what I read might as well have been written in High Vulcan. Just go with it and make believe if I’ve fucked up royally.

Summary: Jack O’Neill struggles with coming online so late in his life while John comes to grips with the guilt he’s been repressing concerning his estrangement from his father and brothers.
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I was up all night last night much to Chris King's horror. She nagged me for a while about napping and eating but she means well so I didn't give her any cyberbirdies or anything as a result.

Since I was up all night I did finish THE CATALYST which is the next part in the The Sentinels of Atlantis series and it's been through one beta already and is now in the hands of ****** (name withheld to protect the not-so innocent) for the final beta.

The first book in the Lantean Legacy Series which I'm calling NO ENEMY WITHIN just went over 60k in my final re-write and we're almost ready for beta. Fortunately both Chris and Ladyholder have actually been working with all along on that series so the final beta process shouldn't be too much of a hassle. I'm confident that I'll be ready to start posting the book sometime this month.

I haven't said much about the Lantean Legacy series in public so I thought I'd talk about it a little here.

1. It's a sentient Atlantis story but I think I've approached it from an angle no one else has used in the past.
2. It's McShep but the romance isn't the main focus of the story
3. It's basically a "cut-off" from Earth story

In the first book, the expedition comes to terms with the fact that the people on Earth aren't going to actively support their mission and they are offered an unthinkable gift by Atlantis. This "legacy" changes everyone within the expedition and makes a future where they might be able to return to Earth impossible.

I had a lot of fun writing this and the first draft of the second book is complete. I have a few new OCs and of course John's family which I can't seem to get out of my head will eventually make an appearance. I would say, however, that the star of this piece is Atlantis herself. I really look forward to sharing this with my readers.

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Title: The Tempest
Author: Keira Marcos
Series title: The Sentinels of Atlantis
Series Order: 15
Fandom: Sentinel/Stargate Fusion
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard, Teldy/Porter, Carter/Jackson, Ellison/Sandburg, Jack O’Neill/Patrick Sheppard (pre-slash)
Word Count: 9,096
Warnings: Adult themes, violence, and sexual situations.

Summary: The Expedition dials Earth and sends them the bad news. John and Rodney take some time on the mainland to reconnect. Patrick Sheppard sticks his nose in SGC business and Jack O’Neill meets Alpha Sentinel Prime James Ellison.
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Title: The Aftermath
Author: Keira Marcos
Series title: The Sentinels of Atlantis
Series Order: 14
Fandom: Sentinel/Stargate Fusion
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: McKay/Sheppard, Elizabeth Weir/Simon Wallace, Grodin/Tyre, Stackhouse/Markham, Cameron/Vala, Cadman/Ford, Bates/Simmons
A/N: Special thanks to Ladyholder and Chris King for being on hand to deal with my neurotic bitching and for reading ;-)

Warnings: Adult themes, violence, and sexual situations.

Summary: “The life of a soldier is defined by discipline, shaped by duty, and immortalized in acts of courage in the face of the most dangerous situations.”
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I write this series and I had the bulk of it written about a year ago. Unfortunately due to an EPIC fail on the part of my back-up and my computer (and maybe me)-- I lost the entire series which had already gone over 100 thousand words. If you pay attention to my site-- you'd realize that's not exactly out of the norm for me on the series front. I write big, epic things because that's how my brain works.

I break my work down into "short stories" or in the case of the series that is the problem "episodes". I do this because I hate to leave a reader hanging for weeks with a half-completed idea. Most do consider my series works Works In Progress and that's fine as long as they realize that some of them may never end in my mind. LOL.

So-- I'm supposed to be writing the next episode in Sentinels of Atlantis and in the original series (epic loss-see above)-- I did have an episode in the series dealing with the events of The Storm from the canon episode of Stargate: Atlantis. The thing is that--I wrote that before TPTB lied to us and cancelled our show. When that happened-- I lost a great deal of respect for the canon aspects of the show. Having realized this about myself-- I do try to be careful not let rocks fall and kill EVERYONE. Nor have I set fire to my mental set so that everyone on the show DIAF.

That being said-- I am having a hard time following my own original plans when it comes to The Storm episode and what I have plotted for my next episode of Sentinels of Atlantis. Last night I did some yoga and thought about it-- and just decided "fuck it and do it different" which is pretty interesting to think when one is very very relaxed. So, I'm going to do it different and since I was never a slave to canon the results should be pretty cool.

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