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I've been posting a bunch of shorts on my site but I neglected to announce them on LJ so here is the list below ;-). Mostly, I've been mentally stretching as I prepare for National Novel Writing Month.

You can find links here:

  • Unchained (NCIS) - GEN, Chained Tag

  • Stay (The Hobbit) - Thorin/Bella, Rule 63

  • The Bridge (Stargate: Atlantis) - GEN

  • You Can’t Play a Player (NCIS) - GEN, Boxed In Tag

  • Reckless and a Little Magical (Harry Potter) Harry/Hermione

  • The Spell (Harry Potter) Harry/Hermione

  • The Quiet One (NCIS) GEN, Aliyah Tag

  • Give In (NCIS) DiNozzo/McGarrett, Semper Fidelis Tag

  • Hard (Stargate: Atlantis) McKay/Sheppard

  • The Confession (Stargate: Atlantis) McKay/Sheppard

  • The Box (Stargate: Atlantis) McKay/Sheppard

  • Problem Solving (Harry Potter) Harry/Hermione

  • Riot Bar (Stargate: Atlantis) McKay/Sheppard

  • His Bright Spot (Criminal Minds) Penelope Garcia/Ian Edgerton

  • Small Favors (Hawaii Five-0) GEN

  • Never Enough (MacGyver-2016) Jack Dalton/Spencer Reid

These works are COMPLETE and all are less than 2,000 words.

List updated: 10/24/2016

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