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Time after time, I've sought some sort of replacement for LJ. When it imploded, I invested myself in Facebook and cultivated fandom friends and groups. BUT, I also delved into other topics on Facebook and it has all become a big stressful mess. I tried Tumblr but it never gelled in my mind (maybe that's my age showing). And I didn't stay fandom focused over there either.

I do think it falls to us to "create" a fandom space in whatever platform we choose. And that boils down to our own behavior really. I rarely talked about anything but fandom on my LJ (and well I bitched a lot about family) and I did transfer all of that content to Dreamwidth but there isn't a sense of community here that I've been able to really connect with. I like Dreamwidth and will continue to use it but it's just not what I want it to be. Maybe it could be one day?

So the big question is -- is MeWe the solution?

I think it COULD be. If we cultivate fandom friends, create fandom groups, and avoid bringing crap into it that would make it joyless. Facebook is like that for me -- Marie Kondo would be appalled.

Yesterday, I did start the process of Kondo'ing my FB. I unliked political and news pages. I turned off notifications for games 
I don't play. I left groups that irritate me and there were a lot of them. I joined a group on FB recently for PCOS for resources. Unfortunately, it was also full of women trying to have babies and some of them were succeeding. My god, it seemed like once a week I was seeing a picture of a positive pregnancy test. The last one I saw I burst into tears. I left that group yesterday. Why do that to myself? I'll just buy a diet book for PCOS and try to figure out what parts of my diet works for me and what doesn't. Gah.

Going into MeWe, I decided -- no politics, no religion, no causes of any sort. I posted that on my timeline over there today. I got an email this morning questioning me on it -- and demanding to know how I could dictate what my friends on the platform posted. Well, I didn't. I just said that if they post that shit I'll unfollow them indefinitely and I mean it. They can still see my posts if they want and be in my groups but I'm really fucking tired of the crappy world we live in. 

I need a fandom safe place to have fun and MeWe is my choice.
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I got an "anonymous" comment form on my site berating me for complaining about the plagiarism on the story on AO3 (that finally got removed).

Apparently, I'm a selfish bitch for filing a complaint and ruining a story they'd been reading.

Yep, I sure am. Maybe if that word thief spent more time writing her own work instead of stealing mine you'd still have something to read you self-absorbed twat.

Fun fact, my comment form records IP addresses and I just banned yours from reading on my site (after I deleted the account you created a few years ago).

I'm sure you won't miss reading on my site, hell you only logged in once a week for the last three years.

I certainly won't miss you.


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My name is Keira and I'm fed up with the beta process.

Don't get me wrong, I totally love my betas. They're great. I just hate the process itself.  

I have to ask myself, who in fandom decided that beta was a thing? Who thought -- oh, I'm getting free stuff to read but this author really should do a bunch of extra work to make sure my free entertainment doesn't have any typos!

I'm currently in beta for my QB fic. I mean, like I'm on part 2 of 6 in that process. I just finished Darkly Loyal and it's twice the length of my QB. If I actually put that in beta -- it wouldn't be ready to post until probably April. Fuck that noise.


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Last night, Jilly James and I rambled about fandom and personal responsibility in our communities. We also talked about my on going issue with plagiarism. Sigh.

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 It would be super disingenuous to say I don't have anything to share on EAD because yall know all about my WIP folder cause I humble brag complain about my meandering path through WIPs all the damn time. In the end, it becomes a matter of choice as I read through my various projects to see what I'm ready to expose because it is an exposure of sorts for authors to show you their rough work. Many of us are used to doing it on Rough Trade but EAD is a far more permanent sort of thing for me as I leave excerpts up until I'm ready to post a complete project on my main site.

I'm currently toying with a Harry Potter/Hobbit crossover which greatly amuses me. Though I'm considering restructuring it into episodes because it's already over 100k and there's no sign of stopping. What possessed me to merge 2 wordy fandoms together? I don't know. I'll probably make a lot of LOTR fans foam at the mouth what with my utter lack of respect for canon, timelines, and geography. 

Another Harry Potter fic I have on the brain in the plotting stages is a different sort of magical guardian fic and it might end up being my April project. Who knows.

I'm toying with the next part of Hold My Coffee, meandering through my plot document for the next part in Ties That Bind, and I've got an original story for Declan Frost and Sean Taylor in the early "cloud plot" stages. I'm having to do some world building but it'll be a paranormal romance though it won't be set in the same 'verse as my first original project, Fall For You. But speaking of Law of the Pack, I do have original novellas in the works for Jared Cameron and Lawrence Harper but I don't have enough of either to currently share in any sort of way that would make sense. 

Regardless, I'm currently trawling my WIP folder looking for stuff to share on EAD.



Feb. 1st, 2018 11:06 pm
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I asked myself, how many times can I bitch and complain about reader entitlement before I start to bore myself? 

On a for real note, donating to Rough Trade or to the Wild Hare Project doesn't equal any sort of ownership on your part. I appreciate the much needed donations as it keeps everything running but that doesn't mean you're entitled to a fucking thing in regards to the works produced there.

For fuck's sake.



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I could spend a whole year talking about the fetishizing of men in fandom because it is wide spread and it leads to some truly ugly behavior on the parts of fans. It breeds contempt for show creators and sometimes obsessions with actors that can and have gotten dangerously out of hand. Actors sometimes get melded with the characters they play in a fan’s mind, and that can lead to the fan believing they know them in very intimate ways when it simply isn’t true.

One of the most distressing things I see in fandom is the objectification of the real people who play the characters we love. I can’t really do anything about the problem but I notice it, and it’s often utterly appalling. I want to just lose my shit sometimes and point out—hey, that’s a fucking human being you’re talking about there. He’s not some puppet you can play around with like a goddamned toy.

You probably think it doesn’t matter what you think in your head or what you put on Tumblr regarding an actor or actress. You think it’s perfectly okay to write a fic about Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett cheating on their wives/girlfriends/families because you’re just writing fiction. It’s not hurting anything. Except they both have children and one day one of those kids might stumble across your fucked up little short story about their dad cheating on their mom, and of course, because you’re an asshole you’ve made sure to insult and degrade their mother as much as possible to justify the cheating. I’m sure that’s going to be a fun conversation for everyone involved.

Explicit sex in fan fiction plays a role in objectification, and I acknowledge this. I’ve always known that there is a subset of people who only read my work for the sex. They make it clear in their comments and in specifically in the parts of my stories they remember. I once saw a “find a fic” request on an LJ community that outlined five sex scenes and not a single plot point. All they remembered was the sex. It wasn’t my story they were looking for, but more than one person suggested that I might be the author of this missing fic. I’m glad I wasn’t. I felt let down and terrible for the author it was though because one person after another on that thread would comment about having read the fic. Not a single one of them mentioned a plot point or a bit of characterization that wasn’t sex.

I knew the story they were looking for—it was a beautiful piece of work with excellent characterization and an engrossing plot that was utterly breathtaking. I never commented on that thread with the answer because I wanted no part of the conversation. I think it took six or seven weeks for someone to provide a link. I don’t want to discuss the title or author here because it’s not fair to her or her work. That thread on that fic finders community wasn’t fair to her work either. But it did highlight something I’d noticed about a few readers on my site. The sex stood out for them. Specifically, the gay sex stood out for them, and nothing else was really important.

Early on, I had to figure out where my hard line was regarding objectification in my fandom work. I decided that I would write about characters, not actors. I don’t read or write “real person fiction” as a result. For example, John Sheppard is a character—a fictional person who exists in the Stargate fandom that I know well. Joe Flanigan is a real person—he has a family and a personal life that is none of my business. I don’t know him at all, and honestly, I have no interest in knowing him. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but I’m not here for Joe Flanigan. I’m in the Stargate fandom for John Sheppard.




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There is a certain kind of writer who attaches no value to their own work on an emotional level. They write for attention. It’s the same kind of “writer” who dreams of writing a book so they’d be rich and famous. This is also the kind of “writer” who wants to write a book about their life because apparently, we ALL want to read about it and just don’t know it. This attention-seeking writer actually taints the fandom, and readers, with their pathological need for attention. They encourage readers to offer them suggestions for future plot developments, character arcs, and even pairings. Then when they write themselves into a hole because of they actually listened to all the crap they get back—they blame their “muse” for not being inspired to complete the story.

Of course, the worse part of an attention-seeking writer are the readers they leave in their wake who feel entitled to intrude on the process of other writers because they felt validated by a previous experience. They are utterly comfortable providing a list of wishes and wants to other writers in their feedback. If they want a certain pairing in a story—they demand it and will abuse a writer if they don’t get it.

I’ve said before that reader entitlement is the ugliest part of fandom. I’ve been threatened with rape and murder for not updating when a reader felt I should. There have been times when readers have essentially had screaming fits on my contact form or in an email because I didn’t write the pairing they wanted or I chose a Stargate project over a Harry Potter one for Rough Trade.

Some readers take my decisions regarding my own writing as a personal insult and have no problems letting me know that I’m ruining their life by not writing what they want me to write.

Recently, I had a reader send me a single sentence email, and it was:

“I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, I hope you finish Phoenix before I die.”

At first, I was outraged, but I wasn’t particularly surprised since I’ve seen this kind of emotional blackmail in fandom before. I deleted the email without a response, and I put the sender on a filter in my email that automatically trashes any email she sends me in the future. Because I want no part of her bullshit but I do wonder how many other writers she’s approached with this disgusting tactic.

Those who only read in fandom don’t genuinely understand the creative process. They don’t understand the intimacy of writing or the emotional risk of posting it in public. They never will understand, really, and investing yourself in trying to make them is just intellectual masochism.
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Got this email:
I read your Stargate works years ago but fell out of the fandom for a while. I was surprised and disappointed to return to your site and find that you've been writing Harry Potter.

As a Christian, I'm deeply offended by your interest in the occult and find that my joy in your Stargate works has been greatly diminished. I hope you find Jesus.

* * * * *
I can't respond because of the bogus email address but let me assure you, I know exactly where Jesus is. He's lived in my silverware drawer for like the better part of a decade.

As an atheist, I'm deeply offended that you were perfectly capable of enjoying my Magical Mystery Butt-Sex Tour until I stuck some *obvious* magic in it.

I got news for you dipshit, all cock is magical.

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1. Your deep, personal investment in my work makes me really uncomfortable.

2. Sometimes your feedback is phrased in such a way that I worry the line between fiction and reality is pretty much nonexistent for you.

3. I hate it when you read between the lines of my story and make up shit that didn't actually happen then make it seem like you're really unhappy with your assumptions and blame me. It's not cool.

4. Your homophobia makes me deeply uncomfortable. (Every single time someone emails me asks me what the pairing is going to be for Lord of the High Elves because they'll be so upset for wasting their time reading it if it's Harry/Draco)

5. Being a Big Name Fan isn't something I strived for, I hate being called one, and it's not contagious so stop trying to rub yourself all over me. It's weird.

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This is how I feel when someone complains about how I run Rough Trade:

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Recently, I became the fandom Agony Aunt against my will. This is absolutely not a complaint so if you've written me for advice and gotten it, don't think I'm being an asshole about it. In fact, this post isn't even a complaint about that aspect--it's about the subject of the last FOUR emails I've gotten.

You see, four different authors in multiple fandoms have come to me in the past month to discuss plagiarism. They've had their work taken, sometimes reworked and posted publicly with little or no credit. One was so outrageous and blatant that I could do nothing but stare at it in shock. I have a pretty strict rule on remixing my work -- the answer is always no. It's always going to be no. Explore my ideas and themes your own way-- yes. But I find it offensive as fuck that anyone would take my work, edit it to suit themselves (like my work is inferior and needs to be fixed) and claim it for themselves.

I gave each of these authors the same basic advice: You have every single right to be unhappy and say so. Also, I've got your back if shit gets ugly.

Yes, we can be inspired the work of others--that's the basic foundation of fandom but don't take other people's works for your own. Remixing should never, ever be done without permission. And really, most of these people aren't even "remixing" in the true sense of the word. They're just taking someone's story and changing it to suit themselves because the author did something they didn't agree with or whatever. It's extremely ugly fucking behavior and posting it online is just another layer of disrespect.

Let's just be good citizens and remember -- don't be an asshole.

Got a fandom problem you'd like me to answer in public? It can be as anonymous as you'd like -- Fill out a contact form and choose the subject "Fandom Agony Aunt":
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I'm finished with my excerpts. These are works in progress. Do not harass me for updates or ask questions about my plots for these stories. I mean it.

For those of you haven't been on Facebook today -- the links are below:

Beads on Her Feet (Hobbit - Thorin/Belladonna -female Bilbo)
Prologue & Chapter One

The Shield Maiden of Erebor (Hobbit - Thorin/Belladonna -female Bilbo)
Prologue & Chapter One & Chapter Two

Spirit Born (Hobbit - Thorin/Belladonna -female Bilbo)
Prologue & Chapter One
Chapters Two & Three
Chapters Four & Five

Blank Space (Harry Potter, Harry/Hermione)

Will be posted in full on my site.

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I'm aware of my Good Reads profile. I don't care either way about being listed there. Trying to manage that would be like trying to herd cats-- so I won't be investing any time in getting it removed. Ain't nobody got time for that. But make time to listen this:

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This month's challenge is Soul Mate Bonds and the ramifications of such. We have entries in mutliple fandoms among them: Harry Potter, Stargate, Teen Wolf, Avengers, & NCIS. There are also several original fiction projects in the works!

You can browse by title here:

Fandom is listed with the title. Once you click on a post archive -- just scroll down the very bottom to check out the project file the author posted at the start of the challenge.

My own project is called: With Your Heart on Your Sleeve and I'm writing in the Avengers fandom this month.

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On Friday, I'll be discussing the character of Rodney McKay and how he is relates to my fiction. This is the post where you can ask questions that I will answer on the air when the radio show airs.

The show will be broadcast here:

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Most of the time, I get awesome feedback and thought provoking questions. Sometimes, I get whiny emails from people who are offended by my anti-religious, anti-Republican, feminist, liberal, pro-gay agenda. Then there are moments like the ones below that are so... offensive, amusing, stupid, or whatever that I don't even respond to them. Except, I think they might amuse you to see the questions and answers so here goes:

Q. Why do post your HET work? The slash is better.
A. I live in the land of the free and the motherfucking brave and I can post what I want.

Q. Why do you hate Ginny Weasley?
A. I hate all two-dimensional, under utilized and poorly crafted characters in stories, books, tv shows, and movies that serve no real purpose.

Q. Don't you think it's arrogant to have your own weekly internet radio show?
A. Yes. Yes, I do.

Q. Why do your male characters have to be so unrealistically endowed?
A. I pity you. There is nothing unrealistic about a 9 inch cock.

Q. Why are you such a bitch about people offering you advice on your stories?
A. I rarely take advice from professionals who actually know their craft, why would I take advice from some anonymous twat on the Internet who thinks my hate-on for Ron Weasley is inappropriate?

Q. I think you're overrated, why do you get so much attention in fandom when I'm a better writer than you?
A. I don't know but it could be because you're a whiny ass, entitled cunt who actually compares herself to other writers and finds them lacking in order to boost your obvious feelings of inadequacy. Or I'm just awesome. You can decide for yourself.

For for everyone else:  Get out more. Educate yourself. Develop some fucking tolerance or else.

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Are you in the closet when it comes to Fandom? We're going to talk about embracing fandom, reasons to hide, the judgement of others and general f*ckery this evening.

Callers and chat questions are welcome.

Discussion: fan-shaming, cosplay, gender roles in fandom, and hiding something super important to you.

You can also ask questions here!

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Banner Art by FanArts Series

Title: Hermione's Circle
Author: Keira Marcos
Beta: Chris King
Series: Harry Potter & the Soulmate Bond
Episode: 25
Fandom: Harry Potter
Relationship: Harry/Hermione
Word Count: 14,693
Warnings: Off-screen child abuse, discussion of child abuse and violence against a child
Author’s Note: You know I hate Ron and Ginny Weasley, right? See Series page for further author notes, warnings, and ratings.

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