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When I moved to a self-hosted site one of my bigger projects was creating an art gallery for the art that I've received as gifts. That proved to be a big effing deal as many of the options available to me were complicated or stupid or did too much or too little. So I've spent over a year off and on playing with different plugins and features and I've finally settled on AND I reformatted all of my art pages! I made every effort to include all the art that I've received but if you've sent me something and you don't see it -- feel free to use the art submission page to submit it directly to my site.

Which you can check out here:

I've also created a section where people can submit art to me:  (Members only page)

I do have some lovely new art to show off:

Sentinels of Atlantis: Feral Bates by Syble

TTB: John and Rodney by Donna

TTB: Thomas and Chris by CJ


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I'm thrilled with my new art. This reminds me that I need to set up my gallery on my website!
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Check out what [ profile] fanarts_series did for me :-)

You can click on it to see a bigger version :-)

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Check out the awesome ebook covers [ profile] fanarts_series made for me. I'll be making the ebooks for these 2 stories this week sometime. :-) In other news, I've upgraded the chat room on my site to a paid feature to allow for up to 75 chatters at once, at least this way I'll be able to get into my own dang chatroom on a regular basis. You can disable the chat if you're not interested in clicking on the first section on the right. You'll see a little "gear" icon -- this will allow you to turn the chat off if you aren't interested. Only logged in members can even see the chatroom so you can always log out when you're reading all fan fiction on the site is available to public except for the ebook section, forums, and chat -- that I restrict to keep my bandwidth reasonable. On the ebook front -- I currently offer: PDF, LIT, ePub, and PRC (kindle) -- is there a format out there that I'm missing that you'd like to see for download? I'd rather not provide an RTF or a .txt file but other than that I have Calibre and I will make books with a mighty click of my mouse!
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I got an early birthday present-- and it's my favorite! My husband got me a wireless internet thingy for my XBox which I thought was going to be my favorite thing this year-- but nope-- someone beat him out!

A Gift from: [personal profile] fanarts_series

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