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My husband is an introvert and keeps to himself even with family. I didn't realize this about him, honestly, until we'd been together a while. The fact is that he focused on me and I liked it. I've never had to worry about his attention wandering away from me in practically any situation because I'm his person--his touch stone so to speak.

He counts on me to strike up conversations, carry the small talk, and make people feel like they're getting to know him even when they're not. He's the kind of person who'd rather not shake hands but will because he knows it's polite but he honestly doesn't tolerate other people touching him all that well at all.

Except for me.

His sister pointed out to me about a year after I started dating him that she hadn't been invited to hug him since she was in high school. Eventually, she realized he just wasn't comfortable with that level of contact even with family and stopped as she said "inflicting her desire for physical affection on him". I was kind of floored actually because he hugs me (and has since the start) ten to fifteen times a freaking day. 

Honestly, he's all up in my space all the damn time.

I'm his person, his safe place, and his comfort all rolled up into one.

I'm an extrovert, you might have noticed, and will talk to strangers just as happily as I will to a person I've known for 20 years if I'm in the mood for conversation. I went to the grocery store the other day and had five conversations with complete strangers about everything from produce to the best organic milk. 

As we were leaving the parking lot my husband said, "It must be exhausting being you. It's no wonder you have the following you do online--it's like you have a cult personality or something."

And I responded, "Well I do run a cock worship cult actually so I can't even get mad."

Date: 2017-04-14 03:58 am (UTC)
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I am a mixture. I appear to be a people person and I make friends with everyone I meet. I can run a room and get stuff done. I have learnt to be that person because i was sent to therapy for being the other person. The other me. Or. Me. I don't like people touching me. My family is about all. I don't like people visiting my house or taking up my time unless I have designated that to be something that is happening. It is EXHAUSTING. I haven't found my you yet. My one person. I am mostly sad that it didn't happen when I was younger rather than bitter it hasn't happened. I think you few paragraphs have let my finally say out loud that I am ok with it. I do ok. *smile*

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